From Jungle To Galaxy - Deep Space Lounge
by Weineck, Joe

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In 1995 renowned documentary movie producer Joe Weineck surprised the New Instrumental and electronic music scene with his debut album for Prudence, "Acoustic Landscapes”. His extraordinary soundpaintings excited critics, fans and fellow musicians on both sides of the Atlantic. To this day tracks from this album are well requested for ambient and electronica compilations. Almost ten years after the astonishing debut the clever and highly creative composer again invades new dimensions in sounddesign. For his brilliant sophomore effort "From Jungle To Galaxy - Deep Space Lounge ” Weineck has combined real and virtual instruments with historic sound recordings to an amazing piece of work. Along with Neil Armstrong and other astronauts even planets, galaxies and a black hole were integrated into the compositions. The sound of the black hole comes from a distance of about 65 million light years – which means its transmission was started when the dinosaurs were still alive!

On some of the pieces nature, especially sounds from the jungle and animals, create the earthy basis for this peacefull bugging of outer space.

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