Laws Of Motion
by max.bab

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With „Laws of Motion“ the 7th album of the German band max.bab is now appearing – an album that will excite fans and first-time-listeners once again. The four musicians have excelled themselves creating a unique fusion of lyrical melodies, suspenseful improvisations, and hit-like compositions. On the opener “Human Intent” drummer Andreas Haberl, who is known for his drumming with the indie rock band “The Notwist,” delivers a breathtaking array of groovy beats. In his piece “Prophecy” Pianist Benedikt Jahnel combines sophisticated rhythms with song-like melodies to create a harmonic basis for saxophonist Max von Mosch’s improvisational flights. Then bassist Benny Schäfer evokes a minimalistic and atmospheric ambience by stacking various layers of string-voices.

Max.bab is one of a few jazz bands that have succeeded in staying together over a long period of time and developing their sound continuously. “Laws of Motion” is the evidence of the exceptional collaboration between four musicians who have been gaining international recognition for their musical output. 

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