Rückenwind (Original Filmmusik)
by Thoma, Robert Simon

CD no.


"Rückenwind - Zeit für Zufriedenheit“ (Tailwind - Time for Satisfaction) is no ordinary movie, but a captivating experience that captures the essence of humanity. Join the talented filmmakers Anna Mühlberger and Moses Gsellman on their breathtaking odyssey through 14 countries all the way to Armenia.
However, this film is more than just a visual tour de force; it is a hymn to humanity and the search for contentment. A crucial component of this extraordinary work is the captivating music by Robert Simon Thoma. His compositions are not only companions on this journey, but also emotional signposts that make the highs and lows of this odyssey tangible. The music tells its own story, which blends seamlessly into the images of the film and gives it a unique depth.
"Rückenwind" is a movie that makes us realize that the only limits that really matter are the ones we impose on ourselves. Despite the numerous challenges the protagonists face, the music acts as a strong support that carries them through every trial.
This movie is not just a visual experience, but a feeling that awakens the longing for freedom and self-determination within us. It reminds us that true fulfillment lies in the small moments of life and inspires us to look beyond our own limitations.  

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