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Robert Simon Thoma has composed and produced nearly 80 tracks, which are primarily intended to equip films, documentaries and reports with music. Thoma has over 20 years experience in composing soundtracks and has already assumed the responsibility for the implementation of the biggest musical productions 



title description

arabic night drum, arabic instruments, guitar, bass modern arabic pop/folk,  travel, nature, culture
balance lo-fi drum, oboe, guitar, strings relaxed easy listening,  travel, nature, culture
beautiful dream piano, chorus, indian-flute, light orchestra light orchestral soundtrack,  drama, nature, love, culture, travel
behind sad eyes piano, shaker, bass, e-guitar, light orchestra orchestral easy listening,  love, drama, nature, travel, suspicion
blue story classical-guitar, bass, chorus, piano orchestral  guitarsong,  love, drama, losing a person, nature
burnout drum, big orchestra, brass, distortion guitar powerful orchestral rock,  action, sports, commercials, nature
candlelight grand-piano, celli romantic piano with light orchestra,  love, sadness, nature
casual drum, percussion, e-piano, guitar, bass easy listening hip hop,  gardening, cooking, commercials, nature
catch me if you can grand-piano, drum, big orchestra. brass fast orchestral pop rock,  action, sports, conspiracy, fast cars
chamber orchestra chamber orchestra, percussion classical chamber orchestra,  distinguished, high society, king, proud
city lights lo-fi- drum, guitar, e-piano, celli lo-fi pop orchestra,  melancholy, think about, love, nature
deep sadness solo grand piano, steinway new age,  death, sorrow, losing someone, nature, tears
down the boulevard drum, wah-guitar, bass, slide-guitar cool pop song,  busy, cool, driving my car, lazy, casual, young
epic adventure epic-drums, brass, orchestra powerful big orchestral soundtrack,  action, war, adventure, wild nature, sports,
fantasy no. 1  solo grand-piano, classic classical piano solo,  melancholy, noble, dreaming, good old times, ancient painters, nature, love
fantasy no. 2  solo grand-piano, classic classical piano solo,  melancholy, noble, dreaming, good old times, ancient painters, nature, love
fantasy no. 3  solo grand-piano, classic classical piano solo,  melancholy, noble, dreaming, good old times, ancient painters, nature, love
fantasy no. 4   solo grand-piano, classic classical piano solo,  melancholy, noble, dreaming, good old times, ancient painters, nature, love
far away  piano, suspense, light percussion resonant wide new age,  suspicion, mystic, dream, slow motion, nature, remembering
fear prepared piano, percussion, FX, orchestra thrilling minimal,  suspicion, conspiracy, agency, police work, spy
feel sad  solo classical-guitar classical folksong,  love, nature, waiting, romantic
final fight big orchestra, oboe, brass, percussion big orchestral soundtrack,  action, thrill, winning, fight, sports
flight over the mountains brass, mouth harp deep dreaming  folksong,  flying, meditation , driving, relaxed, nature,
flying big orchestra, piano new age orchestral song,  flying, dreaming, happy, love, nature,
french kiss classical guitar, accordion, light orchestra french walz,  dancing, love, nature, culture, celebration, warm emotions, family
happy day piano, orchestra, guitar, drum, bass, chorus very happy pop song,  nature, love, first kiss, tears of joy, family,
harmony of china boom, china instruments, orchestra, flute new age culture song,  asia, nature, travel, culture, let go
harmony of love classical guitar, piano, chorus, orchestra melancholic  song,  love, deep emotions, nature, river flows,  watching clouds
I'm late drum, e-guitar, bass, e-piano, tambourine fast rock song,  hurry, commercials, banking, sports, youth, fresh, fashion, naughty
in the past steel guitar, piano, acoustic-bass, cymbals instrumental song,  think about, find no decision, nervous, waiting,
jazz pants drum, acoustic-bass, guitar, percussion smooth jazz song,  happy, casual, bar, blues, norah jones, sexy
joy grand piano, light orchestra, acoustic bass orchestral soundtrack,  children, love, family, dynasty, destiny, nature, tenderness
light in the tunnel drum, guitar, bass, oboe, suspense pop rock song,  urban, nature, be alone, busy,
little india indian instruments, percussion, flute, bass indian folk pop song,  travel, culture, nature, indian market, people
lonely heart guitar, bass, piano, cymbals, chimes instrumental song,  romance, sorrow, love, nature, family, waiting
longing for the sea accordion, drum, guitar, bass, sea waves modern pop song,  ocean, family, sea waves, fisherman, nature, home sick
longing for you big orchestra, piano big orchestral soundtrack,  yearning, love, romantic kiss, hug, forbidden love
love song female voice, drum, guitar, bass, strings, piano  modern jazzy pop song,  love, forbidden love, romantic,
love theme grand piano,  light orchestra orchestral soundtrack,  romantic, nature, a child is born,
love world drum, rock guitar, bass, orchestra, synthesizer electro pop rock song,  new start, busy, city walk, new strength, urban, sexy, sports
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