Wild Pitch
by max.bab

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'Wild Pitch' is already the eighth cd release of the jazz quartet Max.bab. The four musicians all come from the south of Munich and can look back on almost 20 years of band history with hundreds of concerts. After a creative studio break of almost seven years, Max von Mosch, Benedikt Jahnel, Benjamin Schäfer and Andreas Haberl, in the current production, once again perform in their unique style of melodious lines and sophisticated rhythms. The CD contains ten tracks written by Jahnel and von Mosch, some of which have already been fine-tuned by numerous live performances, but some have also been written particularly for the album.

From the press: "... For a few minutes one drifts on the created sound carpet, immersed in a unique jazz world from which one does not want to reappear, their technical brilliance inspires, as well as their own style and their perfect interaction are fascinating to hear. "
(N. Daebel, Mercury, '14)

"Max.bab was and is not about the usual frame for cultic solos, here there is always a musical organism in the foreground (..), max.bab has reached the phase of sovereignty."
(O. Hochkeppel, SZ, '11)

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