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max.bab,… of the great hopes in the field of Modern Jazz”, writes “Die Jazz Zeitung”. Indeed, these four Bavarians Max von Mosch (saxophone, composition), Benedikt Jahnel (piano, composition), Andi Haberl (drums) and Benjamin Schäfer (bass), now living abroad, are creating a new artistic awareness. With the release of their second album through Embab Records, they have further established their distinctive sound. “Beautiful compositions, improvisation and interaction play a major role in our music” explains Jahnel on the band’s approach to their new disc. An integration of pop and classical influences is captured in their melodic and catchy compositions. In performance, these works combined with the musician’s sense of joy and delight produces a music of exceptional vitality. One need only listen to hear why these talented young musicians have gained numerous prizes and awards. “Over many years, each band member has worked hard to forge their own musical path and the combination of these experiences has been at the foundation of creating the group’s collective sound. What keeps us together is our deep love for music and our strong friendship!” says von Mosch. Keep an eye on these young musicians. Jazz icons like Charlie Mariano are already predicting the band great success for the future.

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