by Potschka, Potsch

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Since 40 years Potsch Potschka is a well known artist in the european music-business.As an extraordinary guitarist he was a visionar and initiator for all his projects.There is a lot of sound-material of his successful work in the several bands,but with SUMMARY Potsch Potschka strikes a balance of all his solistic works. A decisive influence has been not only the years in Spain,but also many cooperations with musicians of varying cultures and his curiosity and constant interest to take in other impressions and develop them.The result of all is this CD. SUMMARY creates an immediate yearning of travelling to foreign countries to visit the places of colourfull bazars,the warm winds and the secret magic of myths and fairytails. SUMMARY is also an album,which satisfies your yearning-cinema in the head- for the coming back people,which like to remember and above all for all the many, which are content just with the trip in their head. So get involved anyway - dip in - forget time and location- IT IS SUMMARY!

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