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After the release of the CD „Potsch Potschka in Rock", a new Metal record and "Potsch Potschka spielt Spliff", a rock record, Potsch felt the need to compose and produce something in the direction of pop music. Potsch began to write songs, which went for him in this direction. Since he was busy with other projects at the same time, he then concentrated in 2021 to finish this CD "TIMELESS", which means that he has revised all the songs several times to create a work of one piece. In his circle of friends he found 4 singers who helped him lyrically and with their singing to complete the CD to a complete interesting, varied and timeless work.

Amber Meisner , Gundula Ulbrich, Grant Stevens and Mischa Mang are good friends, which is why the CD is called Potsch Potschka  & Friends. It was such a pleasure for Potsch to work with them and venture into new musical realms, as pop music has changed quite a bit since the 80s.
Potsch and his friends have succeeded in producing music that is both current and timeless.

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