Saltatio Ignis

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The South German band IRXN presents with the fourth album their homage to the music of the Middle Ages up to the Renaissance, from the Celts up to the Bavarians, from the Scottish Highlands up to Lower Bavaria.
IRXN digs deep in the confusion of history, gets inspired by the energy of the time and the people who lived, loved, fought in and created miraculous melodies. The 15 songs on that CD are guiding into quite long forgotten realities, dark grief and racy vitality. One who gets involved feels the breath of life which is outlasting the aeons of time and is taken out of the shadows and interpreted by IRXN. The album connects traditional tunes of old music with own songs, inspired by the wolf-paths on which IRXN travels to find their songs. The band creates a world of emotion from which one can hardly elude: Pure joy of life in wild dances ("Alle Manner"), brute or ructious darkness in stories about murder and death (“Fall”, “Fluach”), dreamy reflection in brilliantly arranged melodic tunes (“Wolfspfad”), or just winking fun (“Vogelfrei”). A wonderful clear violin communicates with a raw metal guitar, drums and bass are building an impulsive and stable ground for a harmonious acoustic guitar and excellent lyrics that are bringing the environment of Yesterday onto the stage of Today, partially in Bavarian idiom.

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