Garden Of Dreams
by Alkimia Lux & Gleisberg

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Romantic moods and mystical fairytales, beautiful melodies and classical sounds, combined with dreamy songs of timeless beauty. The voice of Alkimia Lux, aided by Gleisberg's syphonic sounds seduce the listener into a world of dreams and passion. Alkimia Lux and Gleisberg are reminiscent of Enya, Adiemus and Michael Nyman. Enter a secret world. In an enchanted garden, fairies and fireflies weave their stories of myth and mystery. The angelic voice of London-based singer Alkimia Lux blends exquisitely with the dreamy symphonic landscapes, shimmering harp, flute and piano sounds of German composer Rudiger Gleisberg. Both are well-established artists in Europe, known for their live performances during the summer festival season. Together, they take you on an ethereal journey- Alkimia Lux's romantically poetic lyrics and bewitching vocals seem to dance upon Gleisberg's luxuriantly and artfully layered arrangements. The result is a special magic that will caress you with a rhapsody of a long-forgotten magical time.Come along with them, close your eyes, and the veil is lifted into an unseen world of timeless beauty and heaven-touched reverie.

What people say:
"With their first album for Sequoia, gifted songstress Alkimia Lux and composer Rudiger Gleisberg trasnport listeners to a place of fairytales, folklore and daydreams. 'Garden of Dreams' has the same enchanting, Celtic-inspired quality that has made Gary Stadler's fairy-themed albums so popular. The ethereal soundscapes feature and exquisite blend of harp, piano, orchestral strings and keyboard, all interwoven by Gleisberg to create a place of magic and mysticism. Alkimia Lux's vocals are fragile and pure, yet filled with an intoxicating emotion that grabs your attention and lulls you into a dreamy reverie. If you recognize her name it may be because of the compliations on which she has appeared, including both of the 'Cafe de Luna' albums." - Music Design in Review.

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