Muttertag - Ein Taunuskrimi (O.S.T.)
by Christine Aufderhaar

CD no.


For 'Muttertag - Ein Taunuskrimi', Christine Aufderhaar combines orchestral elements with electronic music to create a multifaceted dark score. String ostinati waft in from a seemingly harmonious past, the nervous flickering of traumatized foster children becomes palpable in atonal synthetic textures, and everything culminates in the unstoppable dynamic of ritual serial murders. With a dense pull, the composition leads us through this multi-layered family drama that congenially combines crime, mystery and horror elements.
Kai Schoormann, Music Editing Television Film ZDF
Film music, orchestral and electronic. First part Slovak National Symphony Orchestra (conductor Johannes Vogel, sound engineer Peter Fuchs), second part Berlin Film Ensemble (conductor Tom Pielucha, sound engineer Martin Offik). Cello rhythm 'Fraction of the piece' from ‚Streichtrio gehörte Form‘ with kind permission of Dieter Ammann. Soloist David Riniker (cellist Berliner Philharmoniker), piano Christine Aufderhaar. CD mixing and mastering by Martin Grube.

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Discography: Music by Christine Aufderhaar , Christine Aufderhaar 2