Deckname Luna (Original Filmmusik)
by Biehler, Oli

CD no.


"Deckname Luna" first broadcast in 2012 with Anna Maria Mühe and Götz George.

The basic idea for the composition of the music was to create a soundscape reminiscent of the spy movies of the 60s and 70s, in warm, dark colors, in keeping with the film. Therefore, old recording techniques were used as much as possible: Ribbon microphones, spatial miking, spring reverb, etc. The orchestration of the music is also a small bow to the great film scores of that era: dulcimer, harpsichord, broom drums, Latin percussion, tremolo guitars, etc. The center of the composition is the main theme, which appears again and again as a leitmotif in different variations and characterizes the role of Lotte.

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