by Lux, Alkimia

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Alkimia Lux takes you on a journey to an ancient world of druids, bards, mythological heroes and maidens yearning for their lost lovers- the ingredients of Celtic legend. On “Forever” her warm, evocative voice is combined with the arrangements of English composer Mark Powell to treat you to a selection of original and traditional songs.
The album ranges from the romantic to the mystical. “Down by the Glenside” features Alkimia Lux’s multilayered choirs and Mark’s colourful orchestration. The Enya-style “Serving Girl” and “Cantus Firmus” contrast with the plaintive “Bushes and Briars”, with its simple piano accompaniment to Alkimia Lux’s emotive vocal.“Singing Bird” and “Carrickfergus” are reminiscent of Norah Jones, and the romantic “Lass of Glenshee” takes us to the ancient Scottish Highlands, while “White Knight” evokes dreams of Arthurian legends.
As an extra, the CD includes 12 MP3s for your computer, iPod or MP3 player. The MP3s feature more intimate versions of the songs with voice and guitar. “Forever” is presented in a stylish digipack with a 12-page colour booklet containing photos and lyrics to all the songs.
If you enjoy the music of Enya, Loreena McKennit or Celtic Woman this album is definitely for you-

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