Live 1993
by Williams Wetsox

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"Boarisch'n Blues“ (Bavarian Blues) or "Blues aus da Hoamat" (Blues from home country) is the name of the style that Williams Wetsox has been playing since 1980. Bandleader Williams Fändrich, also called "da Wetsox", is one of the most prominent blues musicians in the German-speaking area. The songs, which he sings with a throaty voice, take aim at life in Bavaria, deal with the joys and sorrows of love, the irresponsible treatment of the environment, but also the beauty of the Ammer Valley . The blues from the summit cross to the „Jammertal" (Allusion to the Ammer Valley=Ammertal), from dusk to dawn.
Now, while cleaning out the attic, he got his hands on real treasures in the form of live recordings from 1993 and, together with his sound engineer, he edited these recordings and they are now available on this album. Tracks 1 - 8 were recorded in the legendary "Kuckucksnest" in Berchtesgaden on 4.9.1993, with Williams Fändrich (vocals, guitar, ziach), Groover Krüger (vocals, guitar), Bluesharp Slim (harmonica, washboard), Uwe Knüppel (double bass) and substitute drummer on this evening blues legend Ossi Pöhnl, who unfortunately died in 2020. This club still exists today. It was opened in 1982 by the now deceased Bodo Palm and it was supposed to be a place "for all the 'fringe people' in Berchtesgaden", which it became and still is today. Black sheep and lone wolves, artists and musicians, locally stationed US soldiers and long-haired motorcycle rockers, in short: everyone who was somehow a bit different found a home and a form of freedom with the Cuckoo's Nest back then, which was usually denied to them here, so it was just the right place for the Williams Wetsox, who made for a damp happy evening before sleeping it off on Bodo's living room floor.
Tracks 9 -16 were recorded on 9/11/1993 at the "Grünes Eck" in what was then Munich's blues mecca, where the scene cracks had been playing from 1980 until the 2000s. At this concert Thomas Gugger played again on the drums. Today, the green corner is called "Anton's" and the host is still Andy Rudolf, who thrilled the audience with the finest live performances then as now.

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