Da Fisch springt aus'm Wasser
by Williams Wetsox

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Williams Fändrich, the musical legend from the Upper Bavarian Huglfing is one of the main protagonists of the "Bavarian Blues." Since 1975, he transported his own vernacular lyrics with Blues themes. Numerous LPs and CDs have been released. For his 30th stage anniversary, he released a double - CD (Verganga aba `ned vergessen) with a cross-section of his work.
The Wetsox Trio is the small variation of the major Wetsox ensemble with Williams (guitar, vocals), Mario Fix (organ) and Alex Bartl (drums). Still Bavarian lyrics with jazzy blues will be presented live. The album "Da Fisch springt aus'm Wasser" features Michael Lutzeier on the baritone saxophone, who spice up the sound of the Wetsox Trio. Five tracks have been recorded in the studio, the rest has been recorded live within two days.


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