Flüchtlingssong (Single)
by Williams Wetsox

CD no.


When cleaning up the storeroom, a recording from 1991 fell into the hands of Williams and at that time it already had to do with the problem of refugees. The „Flüchtlingssong"(Refugee Song) from 1991 is about the escape from the East, partly autobiographical, because Williams' mother comes from East Prussia and also had her troubles to to be respected and accepts in the beautiful Bavarian country. This song was recorded live at the time in the "Schatzberg Alm" in Dießen with Groover Krüger on guitar and Ludwig Seuß (Spider Murphy Gang) on the organ. The painter Susanne Schmorl-Krauß heard this song at the time and it inspired her to create a painting, which now serves as the cover image.

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