Wer zählt unsere Tränen
by Schmidt, Nadine Maria

CD no.


A song based on a true incident: A boy of about 2 years is taken away from his mother. She is almost still a child herself. He is placed in a transitional foster home. In the meantime, a permanent foster family is found. Members of a free church. The child is handed over. Since then, the first foster parents hear nothing more. No response to offers of contact, gifts, letters and cards. The child lives in seclusion. Since 2017 until today. In the meantime, it turns out that the free church is suspected of spiritual abuse. Already since 2005. The former foster parents fight. Every day. Stirring and shaking the bureaucratic and political apparatus. So far without success of a reunion.
"Highly problematic child protection cases" are called cases like that of "Job". Some take years to clear up. Some never clear up. But the children are damaged. For the rest of their lives.

Who counts their tears? Who brings them home?
Background on the song: In the summer of 2019, first-time foster parents contacted me asking if I could write a song for or about "Job" as a symbol for children in similar need. I was immediately on board, but first researched facts about the free church and unfortunately quickly found what I was looking for. According to the first-time foster parents, they already had high-profile politicians and church officials on their side for the case at the time. In all these years, they have not given up and bring this case to the attention of people in politics, journalism, cult counseling and other public offices. There is always investigative research, but so far there is no penetration. The first-time foster parents regularly send me new information and we are in contact.

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