Sacred Drum Visions
by Gordon, David & Steve

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"Feel the peaceful power of Tribal drums and the serene beauty of Native flutes as they join with Incan Pan Pipes, acoustic guitars, Lakota and Sanskrit chants, world-trance grooves, piano, and the natural sounds of the eagle, humpback whale and wolf.
This 20th anniversary collection from award-winning artists David and Steve Gordon, features the very best tracks from their #1 selling releases such as Sacred Earth Drums, Sacred Spirit Drums and Drum Medicine, plus three powerful new songs.  David and Steve are joined by the inspiring vocals of Sophia on two of the new songs. Healing Shaman rhythms and ancient sounds center your body and mind, connecting you with the Earth’s wisdom.  The gentle heartbeat of their Tribal drums and enchanting native flutes transport you to a place of inner harmony and wholeness.
The Gordon’s have sold over 1.5 million albums of their trademark blend of world instrumentation and natural sounds. Their music is perfect for yoga, creative movement, massage, and intimate gatherings and any time you seek peace."

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