Groove Tribe
by Gordon, David & Steve

CD no.

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Connect with the new eco world music sound where Native drumming, exotic global instruments, guitars and chants blend with mystical trip hop beats and textures. Groove Tribe is the latest from David & Steve Gordon, creators of the international downtempo series Buddha Lounge and drum music fusion hits such as Sacred Earth Drums. On this ground-breaking new album they use acoustic instruments like Native American drums and flute, Pan Pipes, piano, guitar and vocals from their award-winning Shamanic drumming bestsellers like Drum Medicine and Shaman's Vision Journey and then combine them with electronic synthesizers, electronic music grooves and song structures. The result is a mesmerizing and uplifting new remixed and revisioned universal Native sound that is great for anything from yoga to dancing, driving or parties. Experience worldbeat and chill out electronic music like you have never heard it before. At once earthy and spacey, organic and electronic - this is an ambient-techno shaman journey you won't want to miss!

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