It Ain't Over Now
by Schild, Udo

CD no.

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“It Ain't Over Now“ is Udo Schild's third album after his LP "Solo/Duo" and his CD “Morning“. While "Morning" was recorded unplugged in the studio, there are also live recordings, solo and with band. For the songs recorded with band, Udo Schild had a certain sound idea that could be realised with his musicians Xaver Fischer (Wurlitzer), Sascha Delbrouck (upright bass) and Dirk Ferdinand (drums). Some tracks of this album have already been successfully published on various CD compilations. In addition to brand new songs, there are new recordings of his favourite songs, such as "You" and "Catch Me If You Can", also interpreted by the German participant of the Eurovision Song Contest Max Mutzke on his debut album which achieved gold status. “It Ain't Over Now” is a multifaceted album with depth and the lightness of being. A gentle sea breeze, while walking along the cliffs. Musical jewels, clear and pure, sung by one of the most expressive soul and jazz singers in Germany.

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