Single "Pflege braucht mehr als das Klatschen von Balkonen"
by Schmidt, Nadine Maria

CD no.


Dear nurses and caring relatives,

I want to thank you. For your love and your strength. You've done great to incredible things.
Unfortunately, we live in a system where the focus is not on people, but on money. In short, you were the heroes and heroines. You were applauded by the people on the balconies. Now you are invisible again. But this does not show the fault in the people, but the basic fault in the system.
I would like to see better working conditions for these important professions from the state and politics and more (financial) support and barrier-free access for cared for and nursing relatives, who often have no other choice but to live on Hartz IV and nursing allowance, with usually higher expenses due to the illness, disability or other very special needs of such families.
A system created by man, which eats up the person, is a faulty system. Or to put it in the words of the Dalai Lama: "People are there to be loved. The things, to use them. The chaos in the world arises because things are loved and people are used."
But let us not let hope die. Let's make it better! Let's do it right now!
On that note, greetings from the heart with this little song,

Your Nadine

PS: Sometimes the message is more important than a highly polished music video. All this was created in a few days at our home. Uncombed and fought off. I thought it fitted (unfortunately) well to the topic. I thank my dear colleague Miriam Spranger for mixing, mastering and editing the video.

Music, text and everything else: Nadine Maria Schmidt

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