by Gleisberg

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The little shrub “Damiana” (Tumera diffusa) is found in Mexico and South America. There it is very popular not only for its yellow-orange blossoms and its beguilling fragrance: First of all “Damiana” is the plant of love. It consumed as tea or substitute for tobacco it develops an aphrodisiac and mentally stimulating effect.

“Damina” also inspired German composer Gleisberg to the concept behind his new album: This is the musical expression of his pantheistic philosophy of life, his universal love to people, animals and plants. Gleisberg’s love of nature is also reflected in the classically trained musicians sensitive and multi-faceted compositions. The unique style and sound of Gleisberg has developed over a period of ten years, duringwhich he has released several internationally acclaimed solo-albums, written movie-soundtracks and played with groups such as SOLITAIRE and ARCANUM. In his music symphonic structures, orchestral soundscapes, romatic moods and tender folky touches blend into a harmonic unity. With “Damiana” Gleisberg once more offers an album for connoisseurs of electronic instrumental music.

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