Faith, Hope & Love
by Ginkgo Garden

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Ginkgo  Garden, the internationally successful music project of German composer, producer and musician Eddy F. Mueller, has in the last couple of years gained much acclaim for its outstanding crossover of Pop and New Age sensibilities. As the Ginkgo tree is also known as a symbol for hope and love, “Faith, Hope & Love“ was not only chosen as the title of the new, fifth Ginkgo Garden album, but serves as its central topic: a spiritual journey through the garden of music that encompasses the religious triad of “Faith, Hope & Love“; a stylistic triangle of atmospheric and meditative sounds, pop and poetic love ballads, which almost comes across like a little musical. What Eddy F. Mueller has now achieved by two years of hard work in the studio is quite a quantum leap in the development of Ginkgo Garden: the music on “Faith, Hope & Love“ finally denies all categorization, terms as “Ethnic-Pop“, “EM“, “New Age“ and “Chill Out“ each only describe aspects of its many facets. Inspired by the Wall-Of-Sound aesthetics of the sixties and early seventies  Ginkgo  Garden blends vintage guitar- and keyboard-sounds with synthies, multi-layered vocals, exotic sound samples, and puts catchy melodies into pop- and New Age-sounds. All these elements are treated with state-of-the-art production and carry Eddy F. Mueller’s unique musical stamp. Great efforts were put into the fascinating vocal work on the record: Asiatic chants, artfully arranged choirs and English language lead vocals offer a rich variety. The lyrics are deeply spiritual and full of biblical images, but transcend any specific religion – they enrich the music of  Ginkgo  Garden with encouraging and uplifting messages which listeners will gratefully welcome

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