Carefully Kept Secrets
by Deep Imagination

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"Carefully Kept Secrets" is the fourth album of DEEP IMAGINATION, the solo project of Art Of Infinity founder Thorsten Sudler-Mainz. In terms of content, it is about our dreams, the preservation of secrets and the search for solutions that everyone has to find for himself. Amongst others Ann Kareen Mainz (vocals), Günter Kaufmann (guitars) and US percussionist Byron Metcalf feature as guests.

The result is an ambient production, spiced with Pink Floydian elements and ethereal choir, with which DEEP IMAGINATION takes its sound to a new, complex level.


There are some virtuoso guitar parts spinkled all over this album, very well sustained by some splendid keyboards that should appeal to a large palette of music fans... If you enjoyed Endless River or the last two David Gimour solo records, this album could very much be to your liking. (, Canada)

Stylistically, Carefully Kept Secrets has nine delicious pieces of atmospheric, electronic ambient, supported by synthesizer and percussion ... In terms of production and sound quality, the production is very high quality and it is recommended to take the time with Good headphones to enjoy the sound in full. (, Spain)

From the outset, you are immersed in an atmosphere like the fabulous "PULSE" by Pink Floyd, the listener is unstoppably transported to a mood that Waters and Gilmour certainly do not deny ... It is a journey between ambient and atmospheric rock ... The German artist brings together on a single album the know-how of several iconic bands and musicians of the atmospheric stage ... Simply sublime ... (, Belgium)

"Carefully Kept Secrets" also includes some musical guests such as singer Ann Kareen Mainz, guitarist Günter Kaufmann, US percussionist Byron Metcalf, as well as his two Art Of Infinity companions Thorsten Rentsch (guitar) and Stefan Höllering (saxophone). In this recording Thorsten creates a mixture of traditional electronics and atmospheric artrock ... The wait was worth it because Thorsten Sudler-Mainz has once again created a great work with the new album of his project Deep Imagination, which is so bursting with atmospheric moments. A very nice, recommended album. (, Germany)

... "floydian" in this case means that the relaxing-atmospheric side of Pink Floyd, which has been especially developed on "The Endless River", serves Deep Imagination as part of the Artrock component... Thus the guitars, which are held in the spirit of David Gilmour, which are presented in front of a spherical sound, can exert a healing effect with Deep Imagination. (, Germany)

"Spherical electronics, discreet percussions, ethereal vocals and the corresponding guitars make "Carefully Kept Secrets" a work of ambient music with a meditative ambition, on the other hand, the chillout record that Pink Floyd never made." (Eclipsed Rock Magazine, Germany)


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