Live at Electronic Circus Festival
by Deep Imagination


With the 4-track "Live at Electronic Circus Festival" Deep Imagination Mastermind Thorsten Sudler-Mainz releases the core parts of their celebrated performance at the Electronic Circus Festival in Bielefeld in September 2010. On this recording the magic atmosphere of this highly acclaimed gig in the packed club "Movie" is vividly captured. There is a thrilling feel throughout the set, from the gentle electronics at the beginning to classic art rock in the mould of Pink Floyd. With "The Dragons Flight" German Keyboardist Sudler-Mainz together with his guests Thorsten Rentsch (keyboard, guit., perc.) and Stefan Höllering (tenor- and electro saxophone) also presents a tune from the repertoire of his other band Art Of Infinity. Additionally "Live at Electronic Circus Festival" offers unique live-versions of tracks like "Clouds", "Sense" and (in the encore) "Breath-Space" from 2010s successful Deep Imagination album "Awareness".

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