Der Kommissar und das Meer
by TV Serie "Der Kommissar und das Meer"

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Releasedate: September, 13, 2019

When in 2015 Miguel Alexandre took over the direction of new episodes of "Der Kommissar und das Meer" ("The Inspector and the Sea"), Alexandre and de Marco continued their successful collaboration (“Schicksalsjahre”, “Eine verhängnisvolle Nacht” ...) and provided for Robert Anders (Walter Sittler) the atmospheres, moods and emotions during his police work on the small Swedish island of Visby. Wolfram de Marco composed a main theme, which was used in variations across the episodes and gives the entire score its unmistakable stamp.
Inspired by the great landscapes and always very special criminal cases that Robert Anders and his team (Andy Gatjen as "Thomas Wittenberg" and Inger Nilsson as "Ewa Swenson") had to solve, modern and powerful film scores were created, of which a selection has been compiled for this release.


Discography: Music by Wolfram de Marco 2