Andreas Weidinger is an award-winning composer, music producer and book author. He is a member of the German Television Academy and the Academy of Music Authors.  
He has a long-standing collaboration with director Tim Trageser. Among other things, he composes the music for well-known films such as "Die Wolf-Gäng" or "Der Kaiser".
Andreas received piano and guitar lessons and a basic education in music theory as a child. Before his film music career, he studied bassoon, film music composition and political science in Berlin and Munich.
His book "Film Music" is one of the standard works in German-speaking Europe and will be published in a revised new edition at the end of 2023.
Although he is a multi-instrumentalist and plays most of the instruments on his productions himself, he loves working with live musicians. He regularly works with studio legends like Martin Kursawe, Günther Gebauer, Johannes Vogt or internationally known classical soloists like Stefan Schilli and orchestras like the German Film Orchestra Babelsberg.
He doesn't drink alcohol, watches soccer while listening to Gustav Mahler, and spends most of his life thinking about music and stories. And about how best to reach the soul of the audience.

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