Ostfriesenmoor und Ostfriesenfeuer (Original Soundtrack)
by Warner Poland und Wolfgang Glum

CD no.


The soundtrack to the ZDF Ostfriesenkrimis "Ostfriesenmoor" and "Ostfriesenfeuer" captivate with atmospheric, subtle soundscapes that support the disturbing and exciting scenes in the film, but are stimulating and cool as a pure audio experience. The composers Warner Poland and Wolfgang Glum are primarily known for their film scores for sophisticated TV crime dramas such as ARD Tatort, Polizeiruf 110 and exciting TV movies. Among other things, they have significantly shaped the sound of the Rostock Polizeiruf. The "raw" visual language and the realistic, often "dirty" milieu of the films have been congenially translated into expressive, often percussive, but also subtle soundscapes. However, their spectrum extends far beyond this, including the orchestral, jazzy sound inspired by "Fargo" for Tatort Köln "Der Tod der Anderen" and the homage to vintage jazz soundtracks for Polizeiruf 110 "Hildes Erbe", as well as western sounds for the popular TV dramedy "Die Büffel sind los". Despite their independence, Warner Poland and Wolfgang Glum always focus on supporting the stories and characters with film music. Tailor-made songwriting and producing for films is also one of their strengths.