I bin a Sandler
by Isar-Mafia

CD no.


Enough with Sandl'n!!!

Finally the guys of the Isar-Mafia release their song "I bin a Sandler".
Sandler stands for „to hang around“, drifter, stroller.
The extraordinary: The Munich combo decided on an unplugged version. The audience already knows the song from the band's live program.
The credo of the Isar-Mafia also applies here: "Self-irony rules!“
No, you can't say that the Isar Mafia had sent their message. The song sits, makes you shake and bounce and leaves room for the interpretation of the lyrics...
Little-John and Florian "the Doc" Odendahl wrote the song after their visit of a football match, after the final whistle of which they let the day at the Munich Viktualienmarkt come to an end. With various beers they discussed whether one must have a guilty conscience now, if one sits armed so "inactively" only with a beer around and senseless thoughts roll around....
The result of this lost afternoon can be heard….

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