München in Indien (O.S.T.)
by Bernd Petruck

CD no.


Scoremusic from one of the most successfull documentary film in 2013 MUNICH IN INDIA is Walter Steffen's full-length documentary about the only German court painter of the Indian Maharajas, Hannes Fritz-Munich, and will be released to German cinemas on January 3, 2013 after its world premiere at 43rd IFFI Goa. Fritz-Munich travelled through the huge India from 1932 to 1937. He captured all important events with his 16mm film camera, film footage of unestimable value, glimpses of the sunken world of colonial India, which now, after 80 years will be released to public for the first time – the fabulous splendour of the Maharaja courts and the ascetic Mahatma Gandhi, the feudal British colonial rulers and the simple people of the streets, the immense wealth of these and the shattering poverty of those. Walter Steffen develops out of the unique footage a well worth seeing documentary, a road-movie search for traces on the subcontinent. The film connects in a unique way the historical film shots with the India of today. It tells a story that has never been told like this before. This film is moving, entertaining and touching. This film is worth seeing! MUNICH IN INDIA tells about the German painter Fritz-Munich. When the Nazis seize power in Germany he is traveling through India between 1932 and 1937, and becomes the only German court painter of the Maharajas. Konstantin Fritz, his grandson, searches for clues of Fritz-Munich’s paintings and of his fairytale adventures. Accompanied by his grandfather’s unique historical 16mm film shoots, photographs and diaries, Konstantin follows Fritz-Munich’s former travels through India today. MUNICH IN INDIA is the story of an unknown but nevertheless extraordinary artist and his adventures. It tells about the German and Indian history between 1932 and 1948 and simultaneously gives a direct insight into contemporary India, this multifaceted, vibrant and fascinating subcontinent. Full length
90 minutes
Full HD (HDcam transfer to DCP)
16:9, colour & B/W
Dolby Digital 2.1.

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