DÜRBECK & DOHMEN compose music for film & television, series, documentaries, theatre, commercials and games. Their work covers a lot of ground - from classical songwriting to electronic music - as well as orchestral and abstractexperimental film scores. Whatever project we're working on, we are always pursuing new ways and ideas to express ourselves. We often try and experiment with unusual and sometimes strange sounding instruments, creating new and unique sounds. That is the reason why they started to create their own instrument libraries CINEMATIQUE  INSTRUMENTS (www.cinematique-instruments.com).
Inside the Cologne-based studios, they have been producing music for more than 70 motion pictures and TV shows since 2000. At the Filmfest Valencia, Dürbeck & Dohmen were given the film music award for "Magic Eye" and in 2008 they received the film music award at the prestigious Max Ophuls Festival for "Selbstgespraeche". The Movie "Chandani: The Daughter Of The Elephant Whisperer" and „Beltracchi-The Art of Forgery“, for which Dürbeck & Dohmen scored the music, won the German Film Award LOLA.
Dürbeck & Dohmen's muscial life began as teenagers, playing in bands. Over the course of 8 years they released 3 albums with EMI Germany. They played over 400 gigs in Germany, the Netherlands and the UK. After the band split up, they started thier own company and studio, writing and producing music for films. Since then they have been writing scores for numerous films and documentaries, like several "Tatort", "10 Billion", "Free Fall" and "Up, up to the sky!".
DÜRBECK & DOHMEN are members of the „German Film Academy“ , the „European Film Academy“, the „German Academy of Televison“ and the „Academy of German Music Authors .

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