Film music for the 8-part comedy series, which starts on 2.11.2021 on ZDF neo.

Start the fck up - This 8-part comedy series is characterized by high speed and a very modern visual language. Working 4.0 in a coworking space between "brilliant ideas" and reality.
The beat-heavy score by Natalie Hausmann is a mix of urban beats, cool funk and multi-layered soundscapes on the pulse of the "next big thing".
Composed/Produced by Natalie Hausmann
Additional Mix of tracks 1,2,7,10,13,15 : Sebastian Schubert
Mastering: Paul Große-Schönepauck

Biography Natalie Hausmann

N A T A L I E   H A U S M A N N  is a composer & musican for TV/film and theatre based in Cologne, Germany. Her background in jazz, classical music, experimental sounds and acoustic songwriting is reflected in her work. The compositions are characterized by her love for strong melodic themes, which she arranges in intimate acoustic or electronic sound settings, but also in large orchestral arrangements. She studied jazz saxophone, clarinet, flute and piano at the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen and was a scholarship holder of the "Banff Centre for arts & creativity" Canada, GVL scholarship holder and prize winner of "jazzwerkruhr". After her studies she moved to Berlin, where she poached as a freelance saxophone player, songwriter and composer in various genres. Her experience ranges from big band- and modern/contemporary jazz to devil swing, from punkrockfolk to singer songwriting from funk to electronic and also experimental music and she is far from finishing her journey

Discography: Music by Natalie Hausmann 1