Mario Grigorov is a film composer, virtuoso pianist and improviser, with diverse experience spanning the globe. He studied at the National Academy of Music in Sofia, the Vienna Conservatory of Music and the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. Today, Grigorov lives and works in London and Berlin.

In 2014, he met with director David Yates and co-wrote an original song with J.K. Rowling for Warner Brothers' Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. In his long standing collaboration with director Lee Daniels, Grigorov scored Shadowboxer, The Paperboy and the Oscar-winning film Precious.

Grigorov's film scoring experience extends not only to Hollywood blockbusters, but also to television movies and documentaries. The Lifetime Original cult classic Flowers in the Attic and its sequel Petals on the Wind were enhanced by Grigorov's great score. His documentaries include the Cannes favourite Third Wave: A Volunteer Story, presented by Sean Penn, and the war documentary Taxi to the Darkside by Alex Gibney, which won the Academy Award for Best Documentary in 2008.

In Germany, Grigorov, together with his long-time partner Steven Schwalbe, composed for the TV productions Der Schneegänger, Unter anderen Umständen and recently for Requiem für einen Freund, the very successful sequel to Totengebet.


About the film & the music

This movie is all about suspense. The mystery of the story that is entangled with love, death, betrayal, brutal force and lots of unexpected drama, is brought out by the wonderful and stoic performance by Vernau (Jan Josef Liefers) and also highlighted with this beautiful score.

Since part of the story takes place in NY City Jazz Club, Director, Josef Rusnak wanted to infuse the sound from the jazz club thru out the score. This gave the Composer Mario Grigorov and his team, great opportunity to embrace this style of music (with his electronic treatment) as he is a virtuoso Jazz Pianist and Improviser himself. Where this becomes even more special is the enormous talent of jazz musicians that Berlin has to offer, therefore making the score a perfect bland of Jazz and electronic music.

instrumental / electronic, dark, haunting, suspenseful, Jazz, dramatic.

Scoring at: Bonello Tonstudio Berlin
Jazz Band” “The Major Minors” Based in Berlin
Conductor and Arranger: Mario Grigorov
Recording Engineer: Tobias Ober


Discography: Music by Mario Grigorov 1