Before Blochin (Jürgen Vogel) decided to become a policeman, he was active on the other side of the law. Now he has to investigate against his old friends from the East Berlin club and drug scene.
The case draws wide circles into the Beletage of Berlin politics. But this is only the beginning of a guilt and atonement drama that dissolves the boundaries between good and evil.

The music soaks up the Berlin underworlds, the dirt, the glitter, the violence. Morbid rhythms, forgotten saxophone sounds and razor-sharp synths melt into the swamp into which Blochin rages ever further.
And above all this hovers the enigma of his Russian origins, embraced by the nostalgic sounds of a once healed world.
In the end, only surrender remains. Or the Elysium.

Discography: Music by Lorenz Dangel 1