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When the son with the father...

DIRK BUSCH in duet with his son MARTIN BUSCH. The junior has written a song about the search for one's place in life.

A touching album

Although originally planned as the third FOOLSWOOD album Marcator finished the music on his own after the dissolution of the band...

The saga continues! More colorful, louder and bolder!

The third series of the family saga about the Schöllack sisters is set in West Berlin in the swinging sixties. The film composer Karim Sebastian Elias is musically responsible for the series'

Soundtrack to the Vernau thriller

This movie is all about suspense. The mystery of the story that is entangled with love, death, betrayal, brutal force and lots of unexpected drama...

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Thu, 20.05.21
18057 Rostock Käthe
Sat, 29.05.21
04177 Leipzig Neues Schauspiel
Sat, 12.06.21
85057 Ingolstadt Landesgartenschau
Sun, 27.06.21
55116 Mainz Mainzer Johannisnacht
Fri, 09.07.21
87776 Sontheim Dampfsäg
Fri, 23.07.21
83278 Traunstein NUTS-Sommer-Bühne

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