Der Boandlkramer und die ewige Liebe (Original Soundtrack)
by Ralf Wengenmayr & Marvin Miller

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Instead of being shown in theaters, "Der Boandlkramer und die ewige Liebe" starring Hape Kerkeling and Michael Bully Herbig will premiere on Amazon Prime Video at 14.5.2021.

Composer Ralf Wengenmayr, who has written the music for all of Herbig's productions since Michael Bully Herbig's feature film debut ERKAN & STEFAN (2000), was not solely inspired by Joseph Vilsmaier's beloved mountain world for the film music: "In BOANDLKRAMER UND DIE EWIGE LIEBE, it's not so much the location of the action that's in the foreground, but the emotions. A typical Bavarian sound was therefore rather secondary for me." Wengenmayr and his co-composer Marvin Miller went for a "warm and intimate sound" to support the love story. On March 11, 2020, the first tracks were recorded at Realistic Sound Studio in Munich, which the Leopold Mozart Quartet had rehearsed for the soundtrack. Two days later, the small string section of the Babelsberg Film Orchestra recorded additional tracks. The recording took place via a so-called remote session in Babelsberg, while Ralf Wengenmayr sat in his studio in Augsburg and was able to follow the orchestra via a direct connection with picture and sound. "The theme of the Boandlkramer corresponds to its essence and appearance," says Wengenmayr. "It's whimsical and quirky, though death also has an emotional side, similar in gesture to the love theme between Gefi and Anderl." The devilish theme sounds quite different: "The devil gets the musical support he deserves: sinister, powerful and deceitful, even if his brilliant performance with big band and showgirls suggests the opposite."

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Discography: Music by Ralf Wengenmayr, Ralf Wengenmayr & Marvin Miller 2