Reset?" Wie weit willst du gehen?
by Lara Frank

CD no.


The soundtrack of RESET was created in a completely free and intuitive process and consists of a hybrid of classical scoring elements such as piano and strings, as well as synthetic, processed sounds. In RESET, drama and science fiction meet, which is reflected by a fusion of both genres within the sound world of the score. String swells, powerful synthetic basses, a persistent ticking in the form of minimalist loops that pick up on the element of time travel, the element of the voice, sometimes present with lyrics, sometimes oppressive as in a never-ending hamster wheel, sometimes pensive or even sensual, but also soulful, dreamy piano passages that are sometimes reminiscent of a romantic piano concerto and have an inherent dream-like state, form the color palette of RESET.
The theme of the "Lament", as it was christened by director Isa Prahl, was the very first thing the composer ever wrote and ultimately forms the main theme of the series: a simple but memorable melody that winds strongly around a recurring note. It can be heard in many different variations and is closely linked to the main character Flo Bohringer. A second motif that runs stringently through the series, but is less present, is the hidden RESET theme: a short octave motif that consists of four notes and is not tied to any particular character or location, but which brings the story to its conclusion.

The score largely reflects the state of the protagonist and her energy level. Many cues are full of tension and tell the story of a Flo Bohringen who sometimes overshoots the mark but never gives up trying new ways to save her daughter Luna.
The entire soundtrack was produced by Lara Frank, individual percussive sounds, vocals or organic pads were recorded by her in her studio. The soundtrack was mixed by sound engineer Sebastian Sanchez.

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