World Lets Hug The A**holes
by Kupfer

CD no.

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The Munich duo Kupfer, highly acclaimed by the press, is launching its second album. Songs with wonderfully wayward lyrics, driving piano passages, groovy and folky melancholic guitars, fresh drums and thoroughly intense messages. The songwriters, producers and friends Stefan Weyerer and Nick Flade deal on their second work with the world "out there" and its reflection in our inner being. They do this as usual energetically, positively, touchingly and with depth. In the ten mostly German-language songs, the copper retro synth sound combines smoothly with great lines. "The mainstream has overflowed its banks today, I've rhymed us life jackets" is said, for example, in "Steilwandkurvenstar". "Our album title may sound hippie naive. Why we chose it anyway? Our new songs tell about that and much more," says singer and guitarist Stefan Weyerer.

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