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Sweet Summertime - Music for Good Vibes
by Various Artists Prudence

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Music for good vibes

After the dark winter months, we are yearning for warm rays of sunshine, long walks on the beach, relaxed feel-good moments with friends in a sun-flooded beer garden or being greeted by the morning sun with a fresh coffee in the hand.

"Sweet Summertime - Music for Good Vibes " is the perfect soundtrack for sunny hours at the beach, for the morning yoga class as well as for relaxed moments with friends in a café or the beach bar. Bernward Koch, Joe Weineck, Potsch Poschka, Jens Gad and numerous other renowned Prudence artists provide a colorful bouquet of perfect summertime companions with subtle chillout rhythms, skillful good mood melodies and cool sounds - sometimes more jazzy, sometimes a bit exotic.

Bernward Koch - Still Magic
Joe Weineck - Blue Lagoon
Gleisberg - Déjà-vu Of Paradise
Bernward Koch - Summernight
Potsch Potschka - Baila Verena
Ginkgo Garden - Secret Call
Jens Gad - El Momento
Achillea - The Seeress Prophecy (Daydreaming)
Jens Gad - Glass Palace
Bernward Koch My Heart

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