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I Would Do It All Again

I Would Do It All Again I Would Do It All Again
Dirk Busch

CD-No. 39875502
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About the artists:
Dirk Busch

Oops, he did it again! Another album in English although he knows that everyone expects songs in German from him?
So what? Is there a reason why an artist should not do what he desires? I grew up in my family home together with American exchange students and American music. In many of my German productions you can hear these American roots with passion for handmade music without bombastic computer fuss and keyboard orgies. Sometimes a little folk, sometimes a little New Country Rock and, gladly, ballads. Most of all I love telling stories which make sense and have to do with life, its sense and joy but also with its finiteness.
A rich and fulfilled life is my concern again and again! Failure is sexy, I know, and that is why the great tragic or maybe pseudo-tragic songs are always so successful. Sorry, I cannot serve with that. I am - in the words of famous philosopher Ernst Bloch - in love with the process of succeeding. That is why almost all of my songs have an understanding and positive undertone which is hopeful, although (or just since) the state of the world gives cause to doubts and even despair.
This album is the result of a quick burst of writing after staying for several weeks in the USA (long after we had given up our residence in the USA). It was downright pouring out of me and a line of new songs emerged which I was able to achieve with the magnificent guitar work of Dirk Schlag and the insightful arrangements by Karsten Günther. For the first time in many years Wolf Codera is taking part in one song with his haunting and emotional saxophone and I was particularly delighted with the contribution of Ulrich König of the Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen playing his soulful oboe. And last but not least my co-lyricist Mark Woodlake has frequently surprised me with wonderful suggestions, phrasings, and pictures. My sincere and most profound thanks to them all!
So finally back to the question of “why“: Everything sounds exactly like it has to. Here are catchy and straightforward songs with stories of sense and reason, and finally:
Dirk Busch in English just sounds great! :))



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