Earth Church
by Zingaia

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Join the Dance of Life! Energize your body and soul as you move to this creative blend of sensuous world trance rhythms and pulsing electronica.  Award-winning groove masters Zingaia’s fourth album is a techno-tribal tour-de-force of global beats and exotic melodies that swirl into a melting pot of cultures and styles.  World music composer and studio wizard Michael Breene’s earthly and invigorating electronic music meets worldbeat also feature enticing female vocals, ritual chants and ethnic instruments from Africa, the Middle East, India, and the Americas.  Highlights include the title track "Earth Church" that features the powerful voice of Samina Oshun in a song of devotion for the Earth.  "Afro Tekno" is a blend of African rhythms and voices with electronic music trance textures, while "the Message" is a sultry tantric invitation to sensuality. Let yourself go into the sacred moment – perfect for trance dancing, tantra music, flow yoga music and connecting with your own life force!

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