Reiki Shaman
by Ashron

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In the past eight years, master of Reiki, practising shaman and experienced music producer Ronald Hoth has provided the New Age / New Instrumental scene with interesting new facets – via two different artistic incarnations: With his group Aschera he released two great albums on Prudence ("Whales Of Atlantis", 1997, and "The Return Of The Angels", 2000) which were full of catchy, melodious New Instrumental music that made clever use of his longstanding experience in Germanys pop scene. The albums, which Hoth released with his other project Ashron put more strength on the spiritual and healing aspects of his work: "Reiki Mantras" (2003) was especially composed for use in relaxational or meditative contexts. "Inner Peace" (2004) was the musical description of a spiritual mission: It was about people who use their inner peace to transform the outer world into a more peaceful place. To that purpose Hoth used a variety of asiatic instruments, which have a stimulating effect on our chakras and the self healing powers of the human body. Scientific tests have meanwhile proved the healing effect of Ashrons music on the listener! The new Ashron album "Reiki Shaman" is once more based on an underlying topic: suggesting the listener to focus his inner powers and his will and to use both for the creation of a positive "Here and Now" it is almost a sequel to "Inner Peace". Most of all, it matches it’s two predecessors in the briliance, with which Ashron radiates spirituality and a meditative aura through classy and attractive compositions!


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