Ralf Wengenmayr (Music)     

Ralf Wengenmayr was born in Augsburg in 1965. In 1981 he began studying piano and composition at the University of Augsburg, but primarily taught himself to compose by studying the scores of major classical works. From 1984 he worked as a solo and bar pianist, and in 1987 he toured Europe as a member of the "Original Broadway Show Company" with a production of "West Side Story". In 1989 he won the 1st German Film Music Competition in Berlin and has since worked on numerous scores for film and television.
With 'Erkan & Stefan' (2000) began his successful collaboration with director Michael Bully Herbig. This was followed by the soundtracks to 'Der Scguh des Manitu' (2001), '(T)raumschiff Surprise - Periode 1' (2004), 'Kissi und der Wilde Kaiser' (2007), 'Wickie und die straken Männer' (2009), 'Buddy' (2013), 'Bullyparade - Der Film' (2017) and 'Ballon' (2018). He also penned the music for Christian Ditter's 3-D film 'Wickie auf großer Fahrt' (2011) and 'Love, Rosie - Für immer verliebt' (2014). Ralf Wengenmayr wrote the music for Tobi Baumann's 'Gespensterjäger - Auf eisiger Spur' (2015) and for Dennis Gansel's novel adaptations 'Jim Knopf und Lukas, der Lokomotivführer' (2018) and 'Jim Knopf und die wilde 13' (2020).
In addition to two nominations at the German Film Awards for Best Music, the soundtrack to Leander Haußmann's 'Hotel Lux' (2011) (starring Michael Bully Herbig) was awarded the "Marc Aurelio Jury Award" at the International Film Festival in Rome. In 2012 Wengenmayr received the German Music Authors Award in the category "Composition Film Music". He served as a jury member for the pre-selection for the German Film Award 2013, the German Music Authors Award 2015 and the German Film Music Award 2015.
Marvin Miller (Music)

Marvin Miller, born in Augsburg in 1988, is a German composer and musician.
The need to explore different expressions and forms of music, combining both his roots in classical music and his affinity for experimental and electronic music in equal measure, underpins his work in the field of film music.
The short film 'Alte Schule' (2013) marked the beginning of a collaboration with director ?lker Çatak that continues to this day. This was followed by the short films 'Zeitraum' (2014), 'Wo wir sind' (2014) and 'Sadakat' (2014), as well as the feature film 'Es gilt das gesprochene Wort' (2019).
In 2020, Marvin Miller wrote the music for director Katharina Marie Schubert's debut feature film, 'Das Mädchen mit den goldenen Händen'.
In collaboration with composer Ralf Wengenmayr, he created music for the films 'Jim Knopf und Lukas, der Lokomotivführer' (2018, directed by Dennis Gansel; additional music), 'Ballon' (2018, directed by Michael Bully Herbig; nominated at the 2019 German Film Awards in the category "Best Film Score") and J'Jim Knopf und die wilde 13' (2020, directed by Dennis Gansel).

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