Ein Sommer in Andalusien (Original Soundtrack )
by Martina Eisenreich

CD no.


Film composer Martina Eisenreich wrote an atmospheric score for this romantic road trip across the Andalusian summer landscape, recorded by a virtuoso instrumental ensemble: Café del Mundo (Jan Pascal & Alexander Kilian, flamenco guitars)  Wolfgang Lohmeier (percussion), Ferdinand Kirner (guitars), Michael Löwe (guitars), Biljana Pais (voices), Julian Muldoon (voices, programming, add. guitars), Guido Hieronymus (sounds, electronic programming). Martina Eisenreich (piano, violins).

A Summer in Andalusia was produced by Moviepool for ZDF, written and directed by Michael Keusch. The love story was was shot in October 2019 in Cádiz, Gibraltar, Ronda and the surrounding area: Pia and John met at the airport between two flights. Both on the return journey - Pia to germany, John to New Zealand. Half a year later, they want to meet again on the Rock of Gibraltar…

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Discography: Music by O.S.T. Ein Sommer in Andalusien, Martina Eisenreich 2