Erdenklang & Sternentanz
by Gandalf

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In the end the whole universe consists of pure energy, it vibrates. This knowledge, which finally comes up in modern quantum physics, has been set down thousands of years ago in the ancient rhymes of the so called “Vedas”, the primary texts of Hinduism. Long before mankind started to lay down its knowledge in written documents it already had realized, that one and the same primal power pulsates through everything there is, the whole visible as well as the invisible world – they called it Brahman, the spirit which creates everything and keeps it alive. After Platon and Newton it was nature philosopher, mathematician, astronomer and theologian Johannes Kepler, who in the early 17th century discovered that the basic principles of music apply to the whole cosmic hustle and bustle – and vice versa, that the whole plan of the world is mirrored in the essence of music. He called it the “harmony of the world”. Gandalf follows these thoughts in a new orchestral composition, which he created for his 30th stage anniversary. This unique “Symphony Of The Third Millenium” marks a new peak in his rich oeuvre. The piece is a tribute to the wonderful variety and beauty of the universe, to the miracle of all life and being. For the choir passages Gandalf used a selection of verses from the Bhagavat Gita in its original language, Sanskrit, which is said to be one of the oldest languages of mankind.


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