2030 Aufstand der Alten (Original Filmmusik)
by Biehler, Oli

CD no.


"2030 Aufstand der Alten" First broadcast: 2009 with Bettina Zimmermann.

The concept of this film score was to contrast the modern, technicized and cool look of the film with warm, classical instrumentation. A reduced string ensemble, with a strong emphasis on cellos, and a larger percussion apparatus were the appropriate sound sources. The special thing here, however, was not to record the instruments in the sense of a classical production, but rather with the attitude of a band in pop/rock music: smaller recording rooms, very close miked to capture every sound of the bow or string. By treating the music tracks in the mix in a more modern way, it was then possible to create a contemporary, punchy sound, especially for rhythmic, short phrases, which counteracts the purely classical instrumentation.

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