Mir san blau
by Isar-Mafia

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The tale of the „Isar-Mafia“ is a long ride thru Munichs underworld. But since the year 2010 the setting around the frontman, Florian Odendahl, is perfect.

From there, the munich based actor, known for his role as the forensic pathologist in the popular tv-show
„SOKO MÜNCHEN“, and his three companeros, Al unter Palmen, Bullfiddle-Heinz und Little-John, ride along together, to proclaim their „bavarication sound“.

In 2012, with their first release „Mir san blau“ – „We are blue“, the band hit the hearts of the TSV 1860 München fan community. At the same year, the song was also released on the Football-Clubs official music-sampler
„Einmal Löwe, immer Löwe“ – „Lions forever, forever Lions“.

Since that time, they apprear regulary in the „Allianz-Arena“ and the „Grünwalder Stadion“, when the football club TSV 1860 München receives guests in the german soccer league.

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