Cry Baby
by Sacco & Mancetti

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Produced in Regensburg, Munich and London this album leaves a mark on the history of German rock music. SACCO & MANCETTI are among the very few German rock music bands that have been showing both continuity and development over decades. And this is clearly to be heard on “Cry Baby”.´Bad candy´, ´My girl rocks the nation´, and ´Love in the kitchen´ take the band back to an original and unspoiled powerful beat. The grooves in ´My wild cat at the door´, ´Cradle of love´, and ´I swear´ are pushing and driving. ´Some angels fall´ and ´Dancing and cheating´ go to the limit of touching the listener´s very heart, but they never lose credibility. The single release ´Stand on it´ relives the romantic sixties. Ringing guitars and touching vocal harmonies give this song an atmosphere one cannot escape from and definitely make it apt for the charts. With “Cry Baby” SACCO & MANCETTI have once again fulfilled even the highest expectations and present a convincing album.

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