by Sacco & Mancetti

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Track by track true musical craftsmanship, inspired by the spirits and tradition of CAN Studios, Cologne along with recording engineer René Tinner (Can, Westernhagen) Sacco & Mancetti have managed to take their musical development to an essential peak. Here they come: Thirteen new songs, original and unique, powerful and laid-back, unpretentious in arrangement and instrumentation, swinging with the inspiration of classic rock and a touch of C & W. With the opening banger "Sweet Nothing" Sacco & Mancetti give us an impression of what guitars can really say! In the rather spheric "Help Me Crying" and "Call Me Your Nothing" the band has risen up to new summits of their power of vocal expression. "Morning Won't Come" is an excursion to the world of the cantinas, and Sacco & Mancetti take us to the disco in "Mud On The Dancefloor". The slow groove selections "Old Boys Dream On" - notethe outstanding organ accompaniment of equally outstanding Helmut Zerlett -, "Slow To Me" and "Love Is In Town" prove that Sacco & Mancetti haven’t lost their romantic feeling despite some new kind of hard driving playing. "Supersonic" - an album setting new standards

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