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a daneem

/images/cds/30701932.jpg Gschichten aus dem Hinterland
a daneem

"Gschichten aus dem Hinterland" (Stories From the boondocks) is the second album by „a daneem“. New strong, unspectacular and authentic songs in Bavarian language, musical elements of country blues and f... more

23.11.2018 84518 Garching an der Alz, Gemeindebücherei

blues blosn

/images/cds/30702062.jpg Da Weg
blues blosn

On the new CD "Da Weg" Landshut based "blues blosn" opens up new styles of blues, but always based on the traditional Chicago Blues. The band instrumentation remains classic with harmonica, guitar, drums, bass, vocals and will be completed by a Hammond organ in some songs. ... more

24.11.2018 84030 Ergolding, Bürgersaal

Winfried Bode

/images/cds/30701692.jpg schwarz weisse musik
Bode, Winfried

On his album 'schwarz weiße musik' ('black & white music') singer, guitarist and songwriter Winfried Bode from Cologne, Germany combines what inspired him since the Fifties and Sixties to start singing, playing, composing and writing lyrics by himself in 1965: The ingenious catchy and playful variety of The Beatles, the cl... more

29.11.2018 51429 Bergisch Gladbach-Bensberg, Schloss-Straße

Garden Gang

/images/cds/30722722.jpg Middle Class Symphony
Garden Gang

A high energy glam punk rock feast! Hailing from deepest Bavaria, the band's musical influences nevertheless stretch around the world, ranging from American '50's rock'n'roll, through to the English beat groups of the '60's, and on up '70's punk and the new wave of the early '80's - all these styles fusin... more

18.12.2018 80639 München, Backstage
21.12.2018 01097 Chemnitz, Chemiefabrik
23.12.2018 60388 Frankfurt, Batschkapp


/images/cds/30700832.jpg Mei hoidn - Zeen b'hoidn

The album „Mei Hoidn – Zeen b´hoidn“ (means: shut up and keep your theeth) from the band Gnadenkapelle explains the living between bavarian katholic perfection, economical greed and personal failure in a fun way. Various guitarsounds and tremendous rhythms combine with joke and provocant lyrics in authentic dialects. Element... more

22.12.2018 85661 Forstinning, Weihnachten mit der Gnadenkapelle in der Wolfmühle


/images/cds/30784142.jpg Hits

14.12.2018 79303 Emmendingen, Schlosskeller


/images/cds/39899372.jpg Wild Pitch

'Wild Pitch' is already the eighth cd release of the jazz quartet Max.bab. The four musicians all come from the south of Munich and can look back on almost 20 years of band history with hundreds of concerts. After a creative studio break of almost seven years, Max von Mosch, Benedikt Jahnel, Benjamin Schäfer and Andreas Haberl, in the ... more

29.12.2018 81675 München, Unterfahrt
30.12.2018 81675 München, Unterfahrt
23.02.2019 82538 Geretsried-Gelting, Hinterhalt
24.02.2019 82131 Gauting, Bosco


/images/cds/39898172.jpg A Singer's Soul

Maya Mo presents exclusivly self-compositions with trendy sound, rocky hymns and soulful ballads. Mo tells us true stories with true music – Thereby the employed voices & instruments are producing a captivating, incomparably and earthy sound. Mo´s singular voice, the virtuose guitarplay of Michael Kelmer, the discreetly constituted ... more

26.01.2019 24582 Bordesholm, Savoy Kino

No Snakes In Heaven

/images/cds/30702092.jpg Blue Sky
No Snakes In Heaven

No Snakes In Heaven, whose head Micha Voigt is, reflects the life of an all-rounder, who composes and arranges her own songs and records and mixes her own albums. Now and as always, accompanied by her long time and faithful Duo Melanie Kraus (Cello) and Matthias Haupt (Guitar,Vocals), her fourth album „Blue sky“ has come to fruitian ... more

01.12.2018 83512 Wasserburg, Weihnachtsmarkt (beginn at 17:30)
02.12.2018 81373 München, Orangehouse (Early Morning) (beginn at 10:00)
05.12.2018 85540 Haar, Kleines Theater (beginn at 20:00)
09.12.2018 83512 Wasserburg, Weihnachtsmarkt (beginn at 16:00)


/images/cds/30701763.jpg Schmankerl

22.11.2018 94501 Aldersbach, Brauhaus (beginn at 22.11.)
23.11.2018 84518 Garching an der Alz
17.12.2018 80809 München, Winter-Tollwood
09.03.2019 83646 Bad Tölz, Gasthof Tölz
13.04.2019 86720 Nördlingen, Kneiptour Nördlingen
04.05.2019 82380 Peißenberg, Tiefstollenhalle
15.11.2019 86986 Schwabbruck, Kuhstall Schwabbruck

Potsch Potschka

/images/cds/30722702.jpg In Rock
Potschka, Potsch

After 22 years he created again a new rock-production of high quality. Supported by excellent musicians, Potsch created an “opus“ of large band-width from heavy rock to ballads and arabian influences.In the same time he is using an extraordenary selection of instruments like arabian percussion, mandolin and of course the rock-set. Potsc... more

29.11.2018 67227 Frankenthal, Gleis 4 ( P.P. spielt SPLIFF)
30.11.2018 12105 Berlin, UFA Fabrik ( P.P. spielt SPLIFF)
02.12.2018 26382 Wilhelmshafen, Pumpwerk ( P.P. spielt SPLIFF)

Bernd Scholl

/images/cds/39868662.jpg The View from here III
Scholl, Bernd

"The View from here III" is already part 3 of the popular EP series by Bernd Scholl. Five brand new compositions can be heard and Bernd Scholl presents himself here ever more varied; "Turn the Wheel of Time" - Chill-out and hypnotic grooves "Earthbound" - Earthy-melodic "Dance of the Dervish - Trance connects t... more

17.03.2019 40699 Erkrath, Heilig Geist Kirche (beginn at 18:00)

Sweet 2nd Spring Jazz Gang

/images/cds/30704972.jpg 25 Jahre
Sweet 2nd Spring Jazz Gang

25 years of Sweet Second Spring Jazz Gang That`s an enthusiasm for the Jazz since a quarter of a century. Up today the basis for each member of the band was the love for the Jazz paralleled by the pleasure to make music together. This was the basis that the band could exist as long as 25 years. On this CD you can hear trad. New-Orleans-Ja... more

01.12.2018 82335 Aufkirchen bei Berg, Landgasthof 'Die Post'


/images/cds/39868612.jpg Zauber & Rituale

In their fourth studio album the musicians of Tibetréa bewitch their audience with a cornucopia of magical sounds. Those who wish to discover a genuine treasure trove or summon a god of fire will find just the right incantation to accompany them on their quest. But beware of creatures like lurking samodivas, deceitful elves, ugly witches and... more

08.12.2018 80333 München, Wittelsbacher Weihnachtsmarkt
09.12.2018 82538 Geretsried, Nikolauskapelle

Franziska Wanninger

/images/cds/30702013.jpg Furchtlos glücklich
Wanninger, Franziska

22.11.2018 81377 München, Waldbühne West
01.12.2018 80337 München, Schlachthof
20.12.2018 85567 Grafing, Turmstube


/images/cds/30700872.jpg A Liad, a Freiheit und a Watschn

Who does not know Weiherer has missed something. Far away from the religion, that Bavarian music must have Franzl Lang-level, Weiherer is releasing his sixth album "A Liad, a Freiheit und a Watschn" (a song, a freedom and a slap in the face) and he's performing for the people and not for the global m... more

21.11.2018 85049 Ingolstadt, Neue Welt
14.12.2018 88471 Laupheim, Kulturhaus (Singer/Songwriter-Festival)


/images/cds/30701812.jpg A guada Dog

24.11.2018 85567 Hotel Hasi, Grafing b. München

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