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a daneem

/images/cds/30701932.jpg Gschichten aus dem Hinterland
a daneem

"Gschichten aus dem Hinterland" (Stories From the boondocks) is the second album by „a daneem“. New strong, unspectacular and authentic songs in Bavarian language, musical elements of country blues and f... more

24.05.2020 94556 Neuschönau, Hans-Eisenmann-Haus (50 Jahre Nationalpark Bayr. Wald)


/images/cds/39868482.jpg The Sunny Side

The venue is the “Schrottgalerie” in Glonn, an artists’ studio where concerts take place on a regular basis. This studio distinguishes itself from other venues owing to its creative and warm atmosphere. Outside you can marvel at works of art made of stone, appearing out of the dark only partly illuminated by candles. Inside, the o... more

14.04.2020 83022 Rosenheim, Le Pirate
14.05.2020 Wasserburg, Die Schranne
28.06.2020 83209 Prien, Azur Bar

Winfried Bode

/images/cds/30701692.jpg schwarz weisse musik
Bode, Winfried

On his album 'schwarz weiße musik' ('black & white music') singer, guitarist and songwriter Winfried Bode from Cologne, Germany combines what inspired him since the Fifties and Sixties to start singing, playing, composing and writing lyrics by himself in 1965: The ingenious catchy and playful variety of The Beatles, the cl... more

12.04.2020 50672 Köln, Weißer Holunder
25.04.2020 51465 Bergisch Gladbach, THEAS Theater


/images/cds/30701842.jpg So is hoid

  ... more

26.04.2020 83727 Schliersee, Bauernhofmuseum
23.05.2020 83700 Rottach, Wirtshausroas
26.06.2020 85051 Ingolstadt, Bauerngerätemuseum
14.07.2020 80331 München, Hofbräuhaus
26.09.2020 83714 Miesbach, Musiknacht
17.10.2020 83623 Einöd, Grubenmühle
13.11.2020 85625 Glonn, Schrottgallerie
02.01.2021 80469 München, Theater im Fraunhofer
21.01.2021 51674 Wiehl, Burghaus Bielstein
22.01.2021 76889 Oberotterbach, Musikantebuckl
23.01.2021 77866 Rheinau Freistett, Kuhstall

Folks play Cohen

/images/cds/30726072.jpg Nine Popular Songs
Folks play Cohen

"Folks play Cohen" do exclusively interpret songs by Leonard Cohen - in their own special way with keyboards, accordeon, acoustic guitar, double bass and three-part singing. The music has been re-arranged and the creative, often jazzy arrangements take the listener on a journey through Leonard Cohen´s life and add lightness without ... more

17.07.2020 85625 Glonn, Schrottgalerie
09.10.2020 83512 Wasserburg, Innkaufhaus

Garden Gang

/images/cds/30722722.jpg Middle Class Symphony
Garden Gang

A high energy glam punk rock feast! Hailing from deepest Bavaria, the band's musical influences nevertheless stretch around the world, ranging from American '50's rock'n'roll, through to the English beat groups of the '60's, and on up '70's punk and the new wave of the early '80's - all these styles fusin... more

12.04.2020 86150 Augsburg, Schauspielhaus Sputnik
15.05.2020 UK Shoreham by Sea, Duke of Wellington
22.05.2020 UK Newcastle, Trillions
23.05.2020 UK Morecambe, Nice N Sleazy Festival
24.05.2020 UK Sunderland, Museum Vaults
04.07.2020 83209 Prien, Swinging Prien Festival


/images/cds/30702262.jpg Die dunkle Seite Bayerns

The New Testament of Gnadenkapelle When Val Dasch (guitar/vocals) founded Gnadenkapelle in October 2006 with the intention of enriching the Bavarian language with more demanding songs than have been available so far, nobody could have guessed that their greatest success would be the song about the runaway cow Yvonne. Only in 2014, when the famous ... more

17.07.2020 83301 Traunreut, Die Theaterfabrik
31.10.2020 85435 Erding, 10er
21.11.2020 85570 Markt Schwaben, Kolpinghaus


/images/cds/30702233.jpg Herbstlaub

"Herbstlaub", the new song of the Bavarian folk rock band IRXN is a song of praise for the colourful, exuberant transience of all life. A call to age and pass away in dignity and joy. A song as colourful and luminous as autumn is. ... more

18.04.2020 83278 Traunstein, Wirtshausroas
30.04.2020 87488 Betzigau, Bürgerzentrum
02.05.2020 85057 Ingolstadt, Landesgartenschau Ingolstadt 2020
16.05.2020 91161 Hilpoltstein, Mittelalterfest Burg Hilpoltstein
17.05.2020 91161 Hilpoltstein, Mittelalterfest Burg Hilpoltstein
05.06.2020 88299 Leutkirch, Festival Folk im Allgäu
10.07.2020 87776 Sontheim, Dampfsäg


/images/cds/30702303.jpg Im Motor unsrer Seele

"Im Motor unserer Seele" combines German singer-songwriter style with beat, groovy guitars and a touch of retro-electro sounds. "We lost our captain on the high seas - but this is not a ballad but a song to go on" sings guitarist and singer Stefan Weyerer. After "several important people in his close personal environment ha... more

02.05.2020 18057 Rostock, Cafe Kaethe
09.05.2020 14542 Werder, Cafe Duval
12.05.2020 22083 Hamburg, Freundlich und Kompetent
26.06.2020 80337 München, Drossel und Zehner, Record Release
05.09.2020 10623 Berlin, erzo Mondo, Songs ohne Boot (Mixed Show)

No Snakes In Heaven

/images/cds/30702092.jpg Blue Sky
No Snakes In Heaven

No Snakes In Heaven, whose head Micha Voigt is, reflects the life of an all-rounder, who composes and arranges her own songs and records and mixes her own albums. Now and as always, accompanied by her long time and faithful Duo Melanie Kraus (Cello) and Matthias Haupt (Guitar,Vocals), her fourth album „Blue sky“ has come to fruitian ... more

16.07.2020 85625 Glonn, Schrottgalerie
31.07.2020 83512 Wasserburg, Cafesito Biergarten (beginn at 19:00)
22.10.2020 85567 Taglaching, Wirtshaus Taglaching


/images/cds/30702112.jpg Oansno

sorry no english information available ... more

23.04.2020 91054 Erlangen, Steinbach Bräu Festival der Kulturen Augsburg (beginn at 18:00)
25.04.2020 83346 Bergen, Ladenbergen
20.05.2020 87700 Memmingen, Bayerische Theatertage
22.05.2020 Gröbenzell, Gröbenzeller Festwoche
05.06.2020 Donauwörth, Inselfest
10.06.2020 80333 München, Tunix Open Air
20.06.2020 85395 Attenkirchen, Hallertauer Bierfestival
27.06.2020 Aidenbach, Altstadtfest
03.07.2020 84137 Vilsbiburg, Volksfest
04.07.2020 83080 Oberaudorf, Luegstock Festival
05.07.2020 95652 Waldsassen, Bürgerfest
13.07.2020 83620 Feldkirchen, Mundartbrettl Sommerfest
25.07.2020 A-4822 Bad Goisern, Kunstmue Festival
04.09.2020 02829 Neißeaue, Folkorum Kulturinsel
16.10.2020 94315 Straubing, Wirtshausroas
06.11.2020 85354 Freising, Furtnerbräu

Sweet 2nd Spring Jazz Gang

/images/cds/30704972.jpg 25 Jahre
Sweet 2nd Spring Jazz Gang

25 years of Sweet Second Spring Jazz Gang That`s an enthusiasm for the Jazz since a quarter of a century. Up today the basis for each member of the band was the love for the Jazz paralleled by the pleasure to make music together. This was the basis that the band could exist as long as 25 years. On this CD you can hear trad. New-Orleans-Ja... more

23.05.2020 82335 Aufkirchen bei Berg, Landgasthof 'Die Post' (beginn at 18:30)
11.07.2020 82256 Fürstenfeldbruck, Klosterstüberl-Biergarten (beginn at 15:00)
18.07.2020 82335 Aufkirchen bei Berg, Landgasthof 'Die Post' (beginn at 18:30)
08.08.2020 82256 Fürstenfeldbruck, Klosterstüberl-Biergarten (beginn at 15:00)
17.10.2020 82335 Aufkirchen bei Berg, Landgasthof 'Die Post' (beginn at 18:30)
05.12.2020 82335 Aufkirchen bei Berg, Landgasthof 'Die Post' (beginn at 18:30)


/images/cds/39868612.jpg Zauber & Rituale

In their fourth studio album the musicians of Tibetréa bewitch their audience with a cornucopia of magical sounds. Those who wish to discover a genuine treasure trove or summon a god of fire will find just the right incantation to accompany them on their quest. But beware of creatures like lurking samodivas, deceitful elves, ugly witches and... more

23.05.2020 86935 Rott am Lech, Mittelalterfest am Seehäusl
24.05.2020 86935 Rott am Lech, Mittelalterfest am Seehäusl
24.07.2020 A-6600 Reutte, Ritterspiele Ehrenberg
25.07.2020 A-6600 Reutte, Ritterspiele Ehrenberg
26.07.2020 A-6600 Reutte, Ritterspiele Ehrenberg
31.10.2020 82538 Geretsried, Samhain Night
19.12.2020 80333 München, Wittelsbacher Weihnachtsmarkt


/images/cds/30701812.jpg A guada Dog

01.05.2020 82266 Inning, Spectacel
24.07.2020 84494 Neumarkt-Sankt Veit, Gasthaus "Vitusstüberl"
17.10.2020 85354 Freising, Furtnerbräu
14.11.2020 81829 München, Kulturetage Messestadt Riem
28.11.2020 85567 Grafing b. München, Hotel Hasi

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