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/images/cds/30726062.jpg Blumen

After the release of the album "Tanz Auf Dem Bilderberg" in 2012, an idea was born to focus on essential elements of Felsenreich, re-arrange and present the songs in a new musical light. Customary Rock-Gigs are followed now by Acoustic Club Gigs, which in turn triggered the creation of numerous new musical pieces fusing into one. The new ... more

27.07.2019 09111 Chemnitz, Weltecho

Folks play Cohen

/images/cds/30726072.jpg Nine Popular Songs
Folks play Cohen

"Folks play Cohen" do exclusively interpret songs by Leonard Cohen - in their own special way with keyboards, accordeon, acoustic guitar, double bass and three-part singing. The music has been re-arranged and the creative, often jazzy arrangements take the listener on a journey through Leonard Cohen´s life and add lightness without ... more

30.08.2019 83512 Wasserburg, CAFESITObar

Garden Gang

/images/cds/30722722.jpg Middle Class Symphony
Garden Gang

A high energy glam punk rock feast! Hailing from deepest Bavaria, the band's musical influences nevertheless stretch around the world, ranging from American '50's rock'n'roll, through to the English beat groups of the '60's, and on up '70's punk and the new wave of the early '80's - all these styles fusin... more

19.07.2019 83209 Prien am Chiemsee, Piraten Pub
18.10.2019 86720 Nördlingen, Fladen-Piraten
30.11.2019 45276 Essen, Freak Show


/images/cds/30700832.jpg Mei hoidn - Zeen b'hoidn

The album „Mei Hoidn – Zeen b´hoidn“ (means: shut up and keep your theeth) from the band Gnadenkapelle explains the living between bavarian katholic perfection, economical greed and personal failure in a fun way. Various guitarsounds and tremendous rhythms combine with joke and provocant lyrics in authentic dialects. Element... more

31.10.2019 85435 Erding, 10-er
08.11.2019 85567 Grafing, Turmstube
18.01.2020 81829 München, Kulturetage Riem

Schorsch Hampel

/images/cds/30701992.jpg hoamwehblues
Hampel, Schorsch

HOAMWEH BLUES is the name of Schorsch Hampel's latest CD. If necessary, the CD would have been released posthumously, but then  Schorsch jumped off the Boandlkramer's shovel again. So he brings his 'Hoamwehblues' alive to the people. In cooperation with his brother Dr. Will, who also is responsible for the absolutely harmoniou... more

11.08.2019 80634 München, Rotkreuzplatz Bluesfest
16.08.2019 81667 München , 50 Jahre Woodstock - Muffathalle
05.10.2019 85625 Glonn, Schrottgalerie Friedel
22.11.2019 81829 München, Kulturetage Messestadt
01.12.2019 94315 Straubing, Raven


/images/cds/30701732.jpg Irgendwo und Irgendwann

  ... more

01.06.2019 95183 Trogen, Folkclub Isaar
07.06.2019 85283 Wolnzach, Medienhaus Kastner
15.06.2019 08371 Glauchau, Kulturgewächshaus
16.06.2019 80800 München, Stadtgründungsfest
23.06.2019 91560 Heilsbronn, Fest der Nationen
04.07.2019 82515 Wolfratshausen, Kinocenter (Alpgeister – Uraufführung)
06.07.2019 82131 Gauting, Forsthaus Kasten (zwischen Neuried und Gauting)
21.07.2019 89518 Heidenheim, Sommer im Park
03.08.2019 85435 Erding, Sinnflut
14.09.2019 90765 Fürth, Kiltrunners Festival
22.09.2019 09496 Marienberg, Pobershauer Bergfest

Le-Thanh Ho

/images/cds/30701942.jpg Staub
Le-Thanh Ho

Staub – Le Thanh Ho (reviewed by Dave Franklin) Posted on Dancing About Architecture If opening track Geisterschiff suggests a return to the dark elegance and noir-ish film vibe of Elephant, as soon as Papiermond kicks in you realise that this isn’t going to be just a new journey through previous sonic pastures. Yes, those rich elem... more

24.05.2019 24159 Kiel, Kulturladen Leuchtturm
25.05.2019 21079 Hamburg, Fischhalle Harburg

Living Tones

/images/cds/30726102.jpg Real Lifetime
Living Tones

On the CD "Real Lifetime", the Band Living Tones take a little journey with positive and authentic Indie-Pop songs. The long-term experience of songwriter Marcus Schmitt, who wrote songs for bands like "Gentle Dolphins" and "Funky Tides", makes itself noticeable in the songs on this album. The well-balanced and skillfu... more

26.07.2019 München, Stemmerhof
03.08.2019 85435 Erding, Sinnflut - Festival
04.08.2019 82234 Oberpfaffenhofen, Il Plonner
11.12.2019 85540 Haar, Kleines Theater

Louva Marguerite

/images/cds/30723092.jpg Songes d'une nuit
Louva Marguerite

“Songes d’une nuit” – in English “dreams of a night” – by Louva Marguerite is a journey through the realm of dreams which transports the listener both musically and emotionally to different worlds in which all kinds of feelings are expressed: from deep pain and wistfulness through haunting melancholy and a ... more

08.06.2019 83646 Bad Tölz, Tölzer Rosentage
05.07.2019 81371 München, Alte Utting


/images/cds/30784202.jpg Es gibt nichts zu bereuen

The indestructible are back! With their eleventh album "ES GIBT NICHTS ZU BEREUEN" the Munich punk rockers LustfingeR and the singer, songwriter and guitarist Tom Fock are back - more powerful and swinging than ever! Under the direction of successful producer Warthy Wartmann (Unheilig, Eisbrecher) an album has been created, which unite... more

20.09.2019 98693 Ilmenau, Baracke 5
27.09.2019 79312 Emmendingen, Schlosskeller
28.09.2019 70137 Stuttgart, Club Zentral

Nadine Maria Schmidt

/images/cds/30701802.jpg Ich bin der Regen
Nadine Maria Schmidt

25.05.2019 56651 Oberzissen, Marcos Heuboden
15.06.2019 09619 Dorfchemnitz, Pfarrhaus
01.10.2019 04109 Leipzg, Tonellies
11.10.2019 04808 Wurzen, Geburtshaus Joachim Ringelnatz
17.10.2019 01099 Dresden, Blue Note

No Snakes In Heaven

/images/cds/30702092.jpg Blue Sky
No Snakes In Heaven

No Snakes In Heaven, whose head Micha Voigt is, reflects the life of an all-rounder, who composes and arranges her own songs and records and mixes her own albums. Now and as always, accompanied by her long time and faithful Duo Melanie Kraus (Cello) and Matthias Haupt (Guitar,Vocals), her fourth album „Blue sky“ has come to fruitian ... more

24.05.2019 83512 Wasserburg, Cafesito
29.11.2019 85625 Glonn, Schrottgalerie


/images/cds/30702112.jpg Oansno

sorry no english information available ... more

29.05.2019 86391 Stadtbergen, Stadtfest Stadtbergen
16.06.2019 63450 Hanau, Lamboyfest
19.06.2019 45470 Mülheim an der Ruhr, Freilichtbühne
22.06.2019 83527 Haag i. OB, Markt- und Straßenfest Haag
29.06.2019 83022 Rosenheim, Stadtfest Rosenheim
03.07.2019 A-6380 Sankt Johann in Tirol, Kaiserstraßenfest
05.07.2019 87435 Kempten, Stadtfest Kempten
18.07.2019 01099 Dresden, Schaubudensommer
20.07.2019 A-6060 Hall in Tirol, KLANGstadt Festival
26.07.2019 86150 Augsburg, Festival der Kulturen Augsburg
27.07.2019 83544 Albaching, Weiherfest
25.08.2019 884367 Tann, Kunstmarkt Open Air Tann
15.11.2019 86986 Schwabbruck, Kuhstall Schwabbruck
16.11.2019 87435 Kempten, Künstlerhaus Kempten
05.12.2019 01099 Dresden, Ostpol
06.12.2019 10999 Berlin, Monarch

Sweet 2nd Spring Jazz Gang

/images/cds/30704972.jpg 25 Jahre
Sweet 2nd Spring Jazz Gang

25 years of Sweet Second Spring Jazz Gang That`s an enthusiasm for the Jazz since a quarter of a century. Up today the basis for each member of the band was the love for the Jazz paralleled by the pleasure to make music together. This was the basis that the band could exist as long as 25 years. On this CD you can hear trad. New-Orleans-Ja... more

30.05.2019 82335 Aufkirchen bei Berg, Landgasthof 'Die Post'
29.06.2019 82335 Aufkirchen bei Berg, Landgasthof 'Die Post'
21.07.2019 82256 Fürstenfeldbruck, Klosterstüberl-Biergarten
18.08.2019 82256 Fürstenfeldbruck, Klosterstüberl-Biergarten
21.09.2019 82335 Aufkirchen bei Berg, Landgasthof 'Die Post'
09.11.2019 82335 Aufkirchen bei Berg, Landgasthof 'Die Post'
14.12.2019 82335 Aufkirchen bei Berg, Landgasthof 'Die Post'


/images/cds/39868612.jpg Zauber & Rituale

In their fourth studio album the musicians of Tibetréa bewitch their audience with a cornucopia of magical sounds. Those who wish to discover a genuine treasure trove or summon a god of fire will find just the right incantation to accompany them on their quest. But beware of creatures like lurking samodivas, deceitful elves, ugly witches and... more

01.06.2019 86935 Rott, Mittelalterfest am Seehäusl
02.06.2019 86935 Rott, Mittelalterfest am Seehäusl
29.06.2019 87629 Füssen, Füssen in der Renaissance
30.06.2019 87629 Füssen, Füssen in der Renaissance
02.07.2019 39114 Magdeburg, Festival Fantasia

Franziska Wanninger

/images/cds/30702013.jpg Furchtlos glücklich
Wanninger, Franziska

24.05.2019 76227 Karlsruhe, Kabarett in der Orgelfabrik
04.06.2019 80802 München, Vereinsheim
05.06.2019 82041 Oberhaching, Kultur auf dem Kyberg
06.06.2019 94371 Rattenberg, Burggasthof Neubrandsberg
22.06.2019 80337 München, Schlachthof
25.06.2019 L-9490 Vaduz, LLB Sommer im Hof
27.06.2019 85435 Erding, Stadthalle
04.07.2019 88690 Uhldingen, Fabrik Kabarett Klub
14.07.2019 80802 München, Vereinsheim
09.09.2019 55116 Mainz, Unterhaus
10.09.2019 55116 Mainz, Unterhaus
18.09.2019 80337 München, Schlachthof
20.09.2019 94342 Strasskirchen, Bluval Festival
21.09.2019 A-5020 Salzburg, Arge
26.09.2019 83410 Laufen, Kleinkunstbühne
28.09.2019 80337 München, Schlachthof
29.09.2019 83646 Arzbach, Kramerwirt
11.10.2019 84307 Eggenfelden, Bösendorfer Saal
12.10.2019 94099 Ruhstorf, Gasthof Taubeneder
13.10.2019 92224 Amberg, Stadttheater
17.10.2019 84048 Mainburg, LSK Theatersaal
18.10.2019 73479 Ellwangen, Atelier Kurz
19.10.2019 84503 Altötting, Nea Zoi
21.10.2019 97941 Tauberbischoffsheim, Kunstverein
24.10.2019 86441 Zusmarshausen, Kulturstadl
26.10.2019 91486 Uehlfeld, Brauerei Prechtl
27.10.2019 85072 Eichstätt, Kulturtage
06.11.2019 93047 Regensburg, Statt Theater
07.11.2019 93047 Regensburg, Statt Theater
08.11.2019 93047 Regensburg, Statt Theater
09.11.2019 30449 Hannover, TAK
12.11.2019 90482 Nürnberg, Loni-Übler Haus
16.11.2019 92245 Kümmersbruck, Mehrzweckhalle
22.11.2019 92685 Floss, Theaterstodl
23.11.2019 55291 Saulheim, Kleine Kunstbühne
24.11.2019 84307 Eggenfelden, Schlossökonomie Gern
28.11.2019 83104 Tuntenhausen, Filzenklas
29.11.2019 91555 Feuchtwangen, Landgasthof am Forst
04.12.2019 94447 Plattling, Bürgerspital
05.12.2019 84180 Loiching, Räucherhansel
06.12.2019 80337 München, Schlachthof
07.12.2019 97618 Strahlungen, Günter Burger Halle
11.12.2019 94051 Hauzenberg, Adalbert Stifter Halle
12.12.2019 85386 Eching, Bürgerhaus


/images/cds/30700872.jpg A Liad, a Freiheit und a Watschn

Who does not know Weiherer has missed something. Far away from the religion, that Bavarian music must have Franzl Lang-level, Weiherer is releasing his sixth album "A Liad, a Freiheit und a Watschn" (a song, a freedom and a slap in the face) and he's performing for the people and not for the global m... more

24.05.2019 86807 Buchloe, Hirsch Lindenberg
14.06.2019 97082 Würzburg, Kloster Himmelspforten Songs an einem Sommerabend
15.06.2019 97082 Würzburg, Kloster Himmelspforten Songs an einem Sommerabend
21.06.2019 91522 Ansbach, Altstadtfest Kulturgärtla
10.07.2019 80809 München, Tollwood Festival Andechser Lounge
20.07.2019 83629 Weyarn, Weyhalla Liedermacher Open-Air

Williams Wetsox

/images/cds/30701872.jpg Wohi? Wohi?
Williams Wetsox

Williams Fändrich plays the Bavarian Blues since 1975. Since that time he's permanently on tour with his band "Wetsox". He's playing Bavarian Juke Joints, Bavarian saloons and Bavarian beer gardens. Since 2010 Mario Fix (Organ) and Alex Bartl (drums) accompany him by his appearances. They also recorded the 14th album, support... more

25.05.2019 82256 Fürstenfeldbruck, Jeaneys Live Music Pub
26.05.2019 87700 Memmingen, Streetfoodfestival
05.06.2019 82418 Murnau, Schloßbiergarten Murnau
09.06.2019 87439 Kempten
12.06.2019 82418 Murnau, Schloßbiergarten Murnau
19.06.2019 82418 Murnau, Schloßbiergarten Murnau
26.06.2019 82418 Murnau, Schloßbiergarten Murnau
03.07.2019 82418 Murnau, Schloßbiergarten Murnau
10.07.2019 82418 Murnau, Schloßbiergarten Murnau


/images/cds/30701812.jpg A guada Dog

22.06.2019 84494 Neumarkt-Sankt Veit, Sommerfest des Löwenfanclubs Neumarkt-St. Veit
04.07.2019 84359 Simbach am Inn, La Musica
25.10.2019 86441 Zusmarshausen, Kultur-Stadl Wörleschwang
15.11.2019 81829 München, Kulturetage Messestadt Riem
30.11.2019 85567 Grafing b. München, Hotel Hasi


/images/cds/30701892.jpg Woidrand

17.07.2019 84036 Landshut, Alte Kaserne
18.10.2019 85354 Freising, Lindenkeller

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