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a daneem

/images/cds/30701932.jpg Gschichten aus dem Hinterland
a daneem

"Gschichten aus dem Hinterland" (Stories From the boondocks) is the second album by „a daneem“. New strong, unspectacular and authentic songs in Bavarian language, musical elements of country blues and f... more

17.11.2018 85625 Glonn, Schrottgalerie

Winfried Bode

/images/cds/30701692.jpg schwarz weisse musik
Bode, Winfried

On his album 'schwarz weiße musik' ('black & white music') singer, guitarist and songwriter Winfried Bode from Cologne, Germany combines what inspired him since the Fifties and Sixties to start singing, playing, composing and writing lyrics by himself in 1965: The ingenious catchy and playful variety of The Beatles, the cl... more

29.06.2018 58313 Herdecke, The Shakespeare
30.06.2018 50937 Köln-Sülz, Lamerdin
07.07.2018 51375 Leverkusen-Schlebusch, Industriemuseum Freudenthaler Sensenhammer

Brass Knuckle Boogie

/images/cds/30722492.jpg Counter Tales
Brass Knuckle Boogie

Straight Rock 'n' Roll combined with Rockabilly and Country music. Powerful like the verve of a steaming locomotive. This is what defines Brass Knuckle Boogie – name of the band, the direction and the first-ever written song after their founding in 2007. Their debut album “Counter Tales” tells the listener about the source... more

21.07.2018 85345 Achering, Grease‘n‘Rubber Festival
14.09.2018 80337 München, Strom (zusammen mit den Blue Cats)

Folks play Cohen

/images/cds/30726072.jpg Nine Popular Songs
Folks play Cohen

"Folks play Cohen" do exclusively interpret songs by Leonard Cohen - in their own special way with keyboards, accordeon, acoustic guitar, double bass and three-part singing. The music has been re-arranged and the creative, often jazzy arrangements take the listener on a journey through Leonard Cohen´s life and add lightness without ... more

03.08.2018 80935 München, Augustinum
17.08.2018 83043 Bad Aibling , Kultur im Park
16.11.2018 83093 Bad Endorf/Hemhof, Kramerwirt

Garden Gang

/images/cds/30722722.jpg Middle Class Symphony
Garden Gang

A high energy glam punk rock feast! Hailing from deepest Bavaria, the band's musical influences nevertheless stretch around the world, ranging from American '50's rock'n'roll, through to the English beat groups of the '60's, and on up '70's punk and the new wave of the early '80's - all these styles fusin... more

14.07.2018 85229 Markt Indersdorf, Glonntal Festival
19.10.2018 UK - Dundee, Beat Generator (Punktoberfest)
20.10.2018 UK - Carlisle, The Venue
21.10.2018 UK - Sunderland, Museum Vaults
02.11.2018 90402 Nürnberg, Kunstverein
21.12.2018 01097 Chemnitz, Chemiefabrik
23.12.2018 60388 Frankfurt, Batschkapp


/images/cds/30700832.jpg Mei hoidn - Zeen b'hoidn

The album „Mei Hoidn – Zeen b´hoidn“ (means: shut up and keep your theeth) from the band Gnadenkapelle explains the living between bavarian katholic perfection, economical greed and personal failure in a fun way. Various guitarsounds and tremendous rhythms combine with joke and provocant lyrics in authentic dialects. Element... more

31.07.2018 85435 Erding, Sintflutfestival
28.09.2018 83527 Haag
19.10.2018 84416 Taufkirchen, Kulturhaus Taufkirchen


/images/cds/30701732.jpg Irgendwo und Irgendwann

Listen & Download ... more

20.07.2018 85283 Wolnzach
27.07.2018 87776 Sontheim (Schwaben), Dampfsäg
28.07.2018 AT 4113 St. Martin im Mühlkreis, Open Air am Loidholdhof
11.08.2018 80539 München, Bayerisches Genussfestival
12.08.2018 35305 Grünberg, Grünberg Folk Festival
25.08.2018 09496 Marienberg, Baldauf-Villa
28.09.2018 86986 Schwabbruck, Kultur im Kuhstall
06.10.2018 85296 Rohrbach, Alter Wirt
13.10.2018 82386 Oberhausen, Stroblwirt
27.10.2018 86551 Obermauerbach, Canada


/images/cds/30701623.jpg Bavaricana

Take a lot of Rock n’ Roll, mix it with some Country, flavor it with Folk and serve the meal with bavarian lyrics, spiced with quip, charm and self-irony– that is ISAR-MAFIA’s EP with the perfect title BAVARICANA. With the classic Rock n’ Roll set-up, drums (Al unter Palmen), double bass (Bullfiddle-Heinz) and two guitars (... more

30.06.2018 85737 Ismaning, BR-Sternstunden beim FC Ismaning (beginn at 12:00)

Le-Thanh Ho

/images/cds/30701942.jpg Staub
Le-Thanh Ho

Staub – Le Thanh Ho (reviewed by Dave Franklin) Posted on Dancing About Architecture If opening track Geisterschiff suggests a return to the dark elegance and noir-ish film vibe of Elephant, as soon as Papiermond kicks in you realise that this isn’t going to be just a new journey through previous sonic pastures. Yes, those rich elem... more

27.06.2018 10243 Berlin, Lesebühne Reformbühne Heim und Welt
18.07.2018 21073 Hamburg, KommDu
20.07.2018 25845 Nordstrand, Theresiendom

Letzte Bestellung

/images/cds/30702022.jpg Prost Reinheitsgebot!
Letzte Bestellung

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21.07.2018 93183 Kallmünz, Brückenfest Kallmünz

Louva Marguerite

/images/cds/30723092.jpg Songes d'une nuit
Louva Marguerite

“Songes d’une nuit” – in English “dreams of a night” – by Louva Marguerite is a journey through the realm of dreams which transports the listener both musically and emotionally to different worlds in which all kinds of feelings are expressed: from deep pain and wistfulness through haunting melancholy and a ... more

28.07.2018 85551 Kirchheim, Eine Welt e.V. Kirchheim


/images/cds/30784142.jpg Hits

Listen & Download ... more

14.12.2018 79303 Emmendingen, Schlosskeller


/images/cds/39899362.jpg Laws Of Motion

With „Laws of Motion“ the 7th album of the German band max.bab is now appearing – an album that will excite fans and first-time-listeners once again. The four musicians have excelled themselves creating a unique fusion of lyrical melodies, suspenseful improvisations, and hit-like compositions. On the opener “Human Intent&rdq... more

13.07.2018 82377 Penzberg, Kunstzeche


/images/cds/30701763.jpg Schmankerl

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22.06.2018 86150 Augsburg, Augsburger Sommernächte
23.06.2018 83104 Tuntenhausen - Maxlrain, Gartentage Schloss Maxlrain
24.06.2018 83104 Tuntenhausen - Maxlrain, Gartentage Schloss Maxlrain
30.06.2018 83451 Piding, Rock the Mountain
12.07.2018 94447 Plattling, Mundart Open Air
17.07.2018 80809 München, Tollwood Hacker Brettl
20.07.2018 74564 Crailsheim, Umsonst & Draußen
21.07.2018 86938 Schondorf, Sammersee Festival
27.07.2018 86424 Dinkelscherben, Dinkel Festival
28.07.2018 53940 Hellenthal, Zugvögel Festival
03.08.2018 85386 Eching, Brass Wiesn
12.08.2018 96047 Bamberg, Blues & Jazzfestival
18.08.2018 85129 Oberdolling, Mundart Festival
07.09.2018 82386 Oberhausen, Stroblwirt
08.09.2018 84098 Hohenthann, Mundrausch Festival
15.09.2018 82515 Wolfratshausen, Flösserei (Stadtfest)
22.09.2018 94209 Regen, Oberstübchen
27.09.2018 80339 München, Herzkasperlzelt Oide Wiesn
19.10.2018 80331 München, Hofbräuhaus Festival
20.10.2018 85354 Freising, Furtnerbräu
22.11.2018 94501 Aldersbach, Brauhaus (beginn at 22.11.)
23.11.2018 84518 Garching an der Alz
17.12.2018 80809 München, Winter-Tollwood
09.03.2019 83646 Bad Tölz, Gasthof Tölz
04.05.2019 82380 Peißenberg, Tiefstollenhalle


/images/cds/39868612.jpg Zauber & Rituale

In their fourth studio album the musicians of Tibetréa bewitch their audience with a cornucopia of magical sounds. Those who wish to discover a genuine treasure trove or summon a god of fire will find just the right incantation to accompany them on their quest. But beware of creatures like lurking samodivas, deceitful elves, ugly witches and... more

22.09.2018 82515 Wolfratshausen, D'Amato im Schützenhaus
17.11.2018 82538 Geretsried, Pfarrsaal der Hl. Familie
08.12.2018 80333 München, Wittelsbacher Weihnachtsmarkt
09.12.2018 82538 Geretsried, Nikolauskapelle


/images/cds/30700872.jpg A Liad, a Freiheit und a Watschn

Who does not know Weiherer has missed something. Far away from the religion, that Bavarian music must have Franzl Lang-level, Weiherer is releasing his sixth album "A Liad, a Freiheit und a Watschn" (a song, a freedom and a slap in the face) and he's performing for the people and not for the global m... more

30.06.2018 86150 Augsburg, "Zeig Dich AUX" auf dem Rathausplatz
21.07.2018 25541 Brunsbüttel, Wattolümpiade

Weiherer und die Dobrindts

/images/cds/30701822.jpg Best of greatest Hits
Weiherer und die Dobrindts

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01.07.2018 84048 Unterempfenbach/Mainburg, Festival Holledau
08.07.2018 91710 Gunzenhausen, Bürgerfest
14.07.2018 90403 Nürnberg, BioErleben
26.07.2018 80639 München, Backstage / Free & Easy Festival

Williams Wetsox

/images/cds/30701872.jpg Wohi? Wohi?
Williams Wetsox

Williams Fändrich plays the Bavarian Blues since 1975. Since that time he's permanently on tour with his band "Wetsox". He's playing Bavarian Juke Joints, Bavarian saloons and Bavarian beer gardens. Since 2010 Mario Fix (Organ) and Alex Bartl (drums) accompany him by his appearances. They also recorded the 14th album, support... more

27.06.2018 82418 Murnau, Schloßbiergarten Murnau (beginn at 19:00)
25.08.2018 35321 Laubach, Bluesfestival Laubach (beginn at 16:00)


/images/cds/30701812.jpg A guada Dog

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30.06.2018 85540 Haar, Künstlerweile
19.10.2018 82266 Inning am Ammersee, Spectacel
10.11.2018 82131 Stockdorf, Baumhäusl
17.11.2018 81829 München, Kulturetage Messestadt Riem
24.11.2018 85567 Hotel Hasi, Grafing b. München


/images/cds/30701892.jpg Woidrand

Listen & Download ... more

21.07.2018 84180 Loiching, Open Air Weigendorf

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